"I love to read. Why? Well, I need it like the air to my lungs and the blood to my heart, what a bird be without the sky, or an umbrella without the rain, empty. Living isn’t just about surviving, its loving, dreaming, imagining, and most of all, reading." - by Artsy Gal ~ YouTube

What is this blog all about?

Here on The Storybook Kingdom, you will find opinions and views on topics related to creative writing and probably could help to motivate writers to keep on writing.

Our thought is the most influential power we possess. It inspires us to do great things and imagine things beyond our reach. Many great scientific inventions and ideas we see around the world today were invented and propagated based on the imaginative ability of some of the past scientists and philosophers. They imagined about a fictional scenario and creatively put down their ideas into writing thus bringing forth ideas that stand the test of time. This was how most school of thoughts were propounded.

It is often said that the pen is mightier than the sword – this is due to the facts that creative writers have the ability to use their creative writing prowess to mildly criticise a political system or a particular reign. For example The Animal farm by George Orwell is the most influential political story ever written. The book portrays events that instigated the Russian revolution of 1917 and the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union. The write up unravelled the truth of common people who sacrifice everything for nothing. The animals used in the novel were used to portray human characters. This is the power of creative writing .

Creative writing is any write up that is tailored towards expressing the writer’s thoughts, feelings and emotion rather than just conveying information. There are different medium through which creative writers express their thoughts, some of these medium are – poetry, essay, spin doctors,  novel, blogs,  screen play and stage play.

Medium through which creative writers express their thoughts

Poetry: This is one of the medium through which creative writers express their thoughts through the use of style and rhythm. Every poet has his/her own style of writing – the poetry can be about politics, love or grief.

Essay: Essay is a short piece of writing that expresses a writer’s point of view about a particular subject. It could be politics, culture or to criticise a particular system.

Spin doctors: Spin doctors are usually used by politicians to make a negative scenario look positive. In other words, they give a favourable version of a story to look positive.

Novel: Novel is another through which writers can creatively express themselves . It is the most popular form of creative writing that requires the writer’s ability to be highly imaginative and fashionable in his writing an use of words. Novels can be fiction and non-fictions base on what the writer is writing about. There are short novels that do not meet the word requirements of a novel, these short novels are known as novella.

Screen play and stage play: Screen play and stage play are form of creative writing. They are written to educate, inform and entertain the audience. A screen play is a play written for screen appearance while stage plays are written to appear on the stage. Sometimes a screen play can actually be acted on stage while a stage play can be acted on screen.  This is usually based on the flexibility of the content.

Blogs: Blog writing is another form of creative writing.  In blog writing, blog owners creatively express their thoughts, feelings or idea through blog posts. They tend to regularly post informative and educative write up to their audience.

Creative writing is all about our imaginative ability to creatively express our thoughts,  ideas and feelings in the most innovative, educative and informative way.

Hope that you have a fun time reading here!