What Is Innovation | Bid’ah In Islam?

What Is Innovation | Bid’ah In Islam?

What Is Innovation | Bid’ah In Islam? by Yusha Evans

Quick discussion this morning about a topic that gets misunderstood a lot of times or can be a major cause for someone to have the displeasure of Allah (SWT). The question is, what is 'Bid'ah' or innovation, what is innovation in the Religion of Allah (SWT), and I'm gonna try to make this as easy as it can be to understand, I'm gonna try to make it simple as possible. Innovation in the Religion of Allah (SWT) is this, anything that you believe, anything that you do that you think will bring the pleasure of Allah (SWT) or anything that you believe will bring you closer to Allah (SWT), that you believe to be part and parcel to the Religion that was not practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that was not permitted to be practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that we do not see in his 'Sunnah' nor do we see practiced by the companions of the Prophet (SAW), for you to do these things to think that they are part of the Religion and will bring you closer to Allah (SWT) or bring you the pleasure of Allah (SWT), this is 'Bid'ah', this is innovation. Anything that you add to the Religion, anything that you add to your Worship, anything that you add to your Practices within the Religion of Al-Islam that are not part of the Religion that was practiced by the Prophet (SAW), that means they were not revealed in the Quran, nowhere you find them in the 'Sunnah' and the 'Sunnah' means that which the Prophet (SAW) himself did that which he told to be done or that which he allowed to be done in his presence and did not disagree with it, anything outside of this is 'Bid'ah', is innovation in the Religion of Allah (SWT) and is forbidden and it is a major sin.

'Bid'ah' is worse than sin in the simple fact that those who commit sins know they commit sins and they can repent from those sins but someone who does 'Bid'ah' or innovation believes that those things are good and they will not therefore repent from them and they would just continue to compound them on top of themselves, this is innovation. So when it comes to your worship of Allah (SWT), anything that you do to worship Allah (SWT) should be found either in the Quran or in the 'Sunnah' of the Prophet (SAW), practiced by him or his companions and if it is not then we cannot do it. There must be some evidence behind our worship because we as Muslims are only allowed to worship Allah (SWT) in the way that He wishes to be worshiped. You cannot add anything to that. 

The Prophet (SAW), he told us that whatever would bring you closer to Allah (SWT) I have already told you to do it, whatever would bring you closer to Allah (SWT) I have already commanded you to do it therefore you cannot add anything better than the Prophet (SAW) has already given us and anything that would distance you from Allah (SWT) I have already forbade you from it and warned you against it. So therefore we don't need to add anything and also Allah (SWT) revealed in 'Suratul Maidah' during the Farewell Hajj of the Prophet (SAW), He revealed "This day I have perfected your religion for you", so anything that is perfect, adding to it detracts from its perfectness, anything you subtract to it subtracts from its being perfect. So we do not need anything other than what Allah (SWT) has revealed and what the Prophet (SAW) himself gave us in order to worship Him and to do so this is 'Bid'ah' and it is a major sin in Al-Islam.

So we need to know if this act of Worship that I do, we need to know that it has some evidence in the Book of Allah or the 'Sunnah' of the Prophet (SAW). There was also during the time of the 'Tabi'in', there was a companion and I don't want to quote this quote incorrectly but I think it was Abdullah Ibn Abbas or Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud may Allah be pleased with both of them, he came into the 'Masjid' of the Prophet (SAW) and this was after the death of the Prophet SAW, he came into the 'Masjid' and he saw a man counting his 'Tasbih'  but the way he was doing it because we know the 'Sunnah' of the Prophet (SAW) is that he will count his 'Tasbih' on his fingers, he saw this man counting his 'Tasbih' by having a pile of stones and when he would say one of his 'Tasbih' he would move that stone to another pile so he could keep count of his 'Tasbih' and this companion came to this man and he scolded him by saying that the Prophet (SAW) has not left us for a very long time yet and you have already left the Religion of Al-Islam. So he equated this man's small thing of counting his 'Tasbih' by moving stones, he equated that as you having left the Religion, why?, because this was a 'Bid'ah', this was an innovation, this was adding something, a practice to the Religion of Allah (SWT), the man thought it would be a good thing but indeed was something that was not done by the Prophet (SAW) or his companions, so he equated to this man leaving his Religion and he scolded him very severely.

So we see by this, that things that we think might be small matters are not small matters when it comes to the way we worship Allah (SWT). We must be very specific when we do something to worship Allah (SWT), we must be very sure that thing by with which we worship Allah (SWT) is something that is sound from the Quran or the 'Sunnah' of the Prophet (SAW). By this we understand that 'Bid'ah' is very severe and also we know that the Prophet (SAW) in his sermon that he used to use very often which we hear it a lot during Friday and during 'Eid' and we know these things are very clear, the Prophet (SAW) said the worst of affairs, the worst of actions are those actions which you innovate and bring into the Religion of Allah (SWT) and he said 'Bid'ah', every innovation is misguidance and every misguidance is in the fire, every misguidance will lead you to hell.

So this is very severe and very serious about the Religion of Allah (SWT) is that we do not practice 'Bid'ah' in the Religion and there is no such thing, zero, there is no such thing as good innovation within the Religion. Yes there are good innovations outside of the Religion such as when we give a 'Jumaa Khutba' now we use a microphone so that people can hear us and stuff like that, that is outside of the practice of the Religion but inside the practice of the Religion of Allah (SWT), inside the things that you do to worship Allah (SWT) there is no such thing as a good innovation. It must be verified to be from the Quran or from the 'Sunnah' of the Prophet (SAW). So if you are in doubt and I'm not going to go to the specifics of "this thing a 'Bid'ah' or that thing a 'Bid'ah'", if you are in doubt about whether the thing that you are doing is a 'Bid'ah' or not, meaning that it is a gray area, it is between the gray areas of 'Halal' and 'Haram' or yes or no, then the best thing is to leave it alone because the Prophet (SAW) said that the "Halal' is clear, the 'Haram' is clear, between those two things there is what we know as the gray areas, things that are not particularly understood, so one of two things need to take place, either you need to speak to someone of high knowledge and get an opinion about this or you leave it alone.

 What Is innovation Bidah In Islam

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