Muslims Do Not Celebrate Valentine

Muslims Do Not Celebrate Valentine

Muslims Do Not Celebrate Valentine by Mohamed Hoblos

My brothers and sisters, with Valentine's Day being around the corner and I find it interesting to see the extent that people go through in search of love. Flowers, chocolates, love, hearts, movies, songs, poems, whatever you want, and it's natural, it's very normal for every single person to want to be in love and to want to be in a relationship. Allah (SWT) put that in our hearts but the question here is "How do I search for this and where do I go"?

In specifically, I'm speaking to my single brothers and sisters. Where do you find true love my brothers? You have two options, 'Halal' and 'Haram'. 'Haram', is dating, going to the movies, hooking up at the train station, cafe, texting until late hours of the night. This stuff you think it's going to lead you to true happiness and love, but my brothers and sisters, taking this path, will only end in destruction, it will only end in the displeasure of Allah and it will only end with your heart being broken.

My sister, I'm telling you, if you're in a relationship with a man outside of marriage and he's promising you the heavens and the earth and it's been a long period of time and he hasn't dropped the 'marriage', he's taking you for a ride, he's playing you for a fool. My brothers and sisters take this advice very deeply, if a person cannot maintain a relationship with Allah, how can this person maintain a relationship with you, impossible.

My brothers, in any relationship there are always three parties, always, there's you, the other person, and Allah (SWT) if the relationship is 'Halal' or Satan if the relationship is 'Haram'. Why? Because the prophet (SAW) says, whenever two people, a man and a woman get together, and they are out of wedlock, know that the third partner, the third person with them is Satan. So those that are searching for true love, where are you gonna find true love? Is it true these things that we mentioned? It's not.

True love can only come from Allah (SWT), 'Al Wadud' the Lord of love. Where else are you gonna find true love except with Allah (SWT). Allah will only give this true love through marriage. This is what Allah (SWT) chose. So you can try any other method, it will end up with your heart being broken and you will end up with the displeasure of Allah. You want that true happiness? Then turn to marriage, this is where Allah (SWT) bestows His true love.

And finally to my brothers and sisters that are married, it's shameful, it absolutely wrecked and breaks my heart to see that we wait for such a foolish day like the day of Valentine's to show our love for one another. The prophet Muhammad (SAW), he says,

"It is the best of you are those who are best to their wives and I'm the best to my wives."

and he the prophet (SAW) would display love to his wives every single day, to his family on a daily basis. He wouldn't wait for one day a year to come and show his true love. So my brothers and sisters, I ask you all to turn to Allah (SWT), the Lord of love, and we're asking Him to send down love upon every single one of us and to unite us.

 Muslims Do Not Celebrate Valentine

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