Message to Mark Dice On Hijab By Saajid Lipham

Message to Mark Dice On Hijab By Saajid Lipham

Message to Mark Dice On Hijab By Saajid Lipham

I want to make this video for Mark Dice and all of Mark Dice's fans. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he is a YouTuber, he has well over a million subscribers, he's also an author, but the reason I wanted to address him in this video is because he is also a self-proclaimed Christian to the point where even in some of his books he will literally preach Christianity.

This being the case I just find it very odd that he'll also put out videos criticizing the Hijab, making fun of the Hijab, and considering he's a Christian this means when it comes to Mary the mother of Jesus, he either thinks one of three things about her, number one that she is the mother of God, number two that she is the mother of the son of God, or three that she is the mother of both God and the son of God because God and the son of God are one in the same.

Anyways, however, whichever one of these three things he believes, I don't think that Jesus would appreciate him making fun of the way that his mother dressed. This whole WWJD  (what would Jesus do), I don't think Jesus would make fun of the way that his mother dressed, doesn't make sense to me. And another thing when we look at the Western woman, when we look at the way American women dress, why did they dress that way? Well I would say that they've been influenced by popular culture, by pop stars, by celebrities, and Mark Dice is a guy who has literally written books about the Illuminati, he considers these pop stars and these people who encourage others to take off their clothes and all of these anti-christian values that they're spreading in society, he considers these people evil. Well that's the reason why a lot of these Western women dressed the way that they do.

Do you know that back in the day, generations ago, women used to wear the Hijab, at the very least they would cover their heads, why do you think they stopped doing that? Do you think that they opened up the Bible one day and they were like "Hey look here, it says that we should go outside not wearing a Hijab, not covering our hair, that we should show our figures and our skin", do you think that's why women started changing the way that they dress or do you think they were more influenced by this evil Illuminati who you've written about and who you preached against? When you walk into a church and you see nuns wearing a Hijab, do you make fun of them? Have you ever pulled your pastor aside after his sermon and said "You know what pastor, great sermon, however I have an issue, you look around this church, we see all of these paintings and statues, we see this nativity scene here and you know what, it shows Mary wearing a Hijab, we should change that, that's not good".

You know a lot of these Muslim women who you make fun of for wearing a Hijab, a lot of them are probably, literally named Mary or Miriam after the mother of Jesus. So taking all that into consideration, do you think it really is a good idea to make fun of women who wear the Hijab? Is that what Jesus would do? Just something to think about?

Thank you for watching.

 Message to Mark Dice On Hijab By  Saajid Lipham

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