Earn Allah's Love by Visiting Someone for His Sake

Earn Allah's Love by Visiting Someone for His Sake

Earn Allah's Love by Visiting Someone for His Sake by Saajid Lipham

There is a 'Hadith' in which the Prophet (SAW) said,

Allah the Exalted, said, "My love is due to those who:
love one another for My sake, sit with one another for My sake,
visit one another for My sake, and spend in charity for my sake."
[Graded as Authentic by Sheikh Al-Albani in "Saheeh Al-Targheeb"]

When I reflected and think about how Islam encourages such things, it helps me realize how beautiful Islam is and how beautiful the actions that it encourages really are. And to give an example I want to share a quote with you. There was a father and he was talking about children, when they leave the house and go to college and the quote that he said was "It's the best day of their life and it's the worst day of yours".

Think about that, I mean parents they spend maybe 20 years of their lives dedicated to loving, nurturing, supporting their children and then the day comes where they're old enough to go off and be their own people and be independent and they leave the house, they're so happy to get away and to become adults yet their parents are so sad to see them go. The 'Hadith' made me think about this because there are many people in our communities, our elders who raised our generation and they raised the generations before us, and they helped build communities, build 'Masajid', established businesses, and now some of them, there're all alone. Their children might have moved to another city maybe even another country, their spouse may have died, their one companion in this life may have passed away, and it's important that we visit these people for the sake of Allah.

I know from personal experience that, in some cases if you visit people just once a week or maybe just a few times a month or even if you just call them on the phone every once in awhile it can have such a positive impact on their lives and on their attitude, it can really brighten their day to just talk to them, listen to them, see if you can help them out with anything, and it's an easy way that we can earn Allah's love.

In conclusion I just wanted to give a quick example. When I embraced Islam, I moved from Maryland to Chicago to work for an Islamic organization and to live in a Muslim community, and right up the street from my workplace there was an old house that some of the brothers bought and they turned it into a 'Masjid', and there was two rooms for rent upstairs, I rented one of the rooms and then there was an older man who was renting the other room and he was maybe in his late 60s. So we became roommates, we'd sit together, eat together and get to know each other, and it turns out this man was from Pakistan and he had a career in Saudi Arabia teaching physics and he spoke multiple languages and he could write in the most beautiful Arabic calligraphy handwriting and that was one of the ways he used to engage his students with this beautiful handwriting on the board when he teach, and he was married and he had children but they lived in another state. He was very strong and healthy. He wanted to work. So ideally he would have taught science but he felt that his English wasn't good enough, so instead he worked at Walmart and he worked in the auto department, basically stocking shelves, and this was his life. He was this really brilliant nice man who was living away from his family in a country that he wasn't so familiar with. He basically called the 'Adhan' and help out with the 'Masjid' and then he'd go to work and talk to his family on the phone and that was pretty much how he seemed to live his life. And one day, we were sitting in the kitchen together and he told me how happy he was that I was his roommate, how I reminded him of his son and just how it really meant a lot to him that we were friends, and Allah really put a love for me in his heart and Allah really put a love for him in my heart. This was something that really stuck with me and made me realize how important it is to visit each other for the sake of Allah particularly the older people of our communities, and I know for a fact, there are many people who are similar to this individual in our communities. It's important that we be friend these people and we talk to them and we visit them and we get to know them.

So everybody who's watching this video, I encourage you to earn Allah's love. This is some of the older people of your community, they could be your grandparents, they can be your neighbors, maybe just the next time you see one of the older brothers in your 'Masjid', just go say 'Salam' to them and sit with them and get to know them. It can really mean a lot to them, to just sit and to listen to what they have to say and to show them some respect. And honestly brothers and sisters, like some of these people they can be the most interesting and smartest people that you'll ever meet in this 'Dunya' but you'd never know it unless you sit with them and talk to them and get to know them. So I ask Allah makes us of those whom He loves and I ask Allah purifies our intentions and Guides us to visit each other for His sake.

 Earn Allah's Love by Visiting Someone for His Sake

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