Don't Let Shaytan Prevent Your Good Deeds

Don't Let Shaytan Prevent Your Good Deeds

Don't Let Shaytan Prevent Your Good Deeds by Saajid Lipham

Brothers and sisters sometimes when we want to perform a good deed we stop ourselves and we convince ourselves not to do it. Maybe we're gonna do something good for the sake of Allah but then we say "No you know what, I'm doing this to show off, I'm not gonna do it", and we convinced ourselves to refrain from doing something that would benefit ourselves, will benefit our community and will be pleasing to Allah.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Well it is extremely important to understand that our intentions are the foundation of everything we do and we need to make sure that we are doing things purely to please Allah, but also it's very important that we know the following, in Sheikh Al-Uthaymeen's explanation of 'Sharh Riyadh Al-Saliheen' (Bab Al-Ikhlaas), he talks about intention and he says, to paraphrase, that when you want to perform a good deed know that 'Shaytan' is going to come to you, he's going to give you doubt, he's going to say to you "Oh you're just doing this to show off", because he wants you to lose your ambition to do this good deed and he wants you to refrain from doing it all together but surely if this thought enters your mind and you're asked yourself "Are you now doing this to show off ?", you're gonna say to yourself "No, I'm doing this for Allah".

So do the good deed and don't let 'Shaytan' prevents you from doing good. This is what the 'Sheikh' explains. Now of course 'Shaytan' whole existence revolves around trying to lead us astray and he will make us think that we are doing a good deed by refraining from doing a good deed but it is 'Shaytan' whose intentions are not good, he's the one who doesn't want us doing good deeds so he'll whisper anything he can to us to try to get us to go astray and to stop us from worshiping Allah and to stop us from doing good things. So don't let the whispering of 'Shaytan' fool you. Know that when you want to do something good, he's gonna come to you but don't let him stop you from doing a good deed.

Now with that said, we should not belittle the importance of having pure intentions. The prophet (SAW) said "Actions are based upon their intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended", so if we do something just to show off, just so that the people think highly of us, then we're not going to be rewarded by Allah and we should beware of this. However we should also understand that 'Shaytan' is going to come to us and he's going to try to make us think that we're not doing something for the sake of Allah so that we refrain from doing it, the thought enters your mind then renew your intention and say "No, I'm doing this for Allah" and do the action.

The 'Sheikh', he lists three things to consider when performing a good deed. Number one, intend to perform an act of worship, number two, make sure your intention is for Allah alone and three, make sure you perform this action in accordance with the command of Allah by following the Quran and 'Sunnah'.

Make sure that you follow these three steps and don't make excuses as to why you can't do a good deed, because that's what 'Shaytan' wants. How many of us were called to do something good or we have the idea to do something good but we convinced ourselves not to do it because 'Shaytan' comes to us and they make us think that our intentions isn't pure? Don't let 'Shaytan' fool you. We need for our own sake, for each of us individually, we need to do good deeds so that Allah will reward us and be pleased with us and also as a community we need each other to do good deeds because it strengthens all of us as a community when we're doing good and if we keep making excuses as to why we're not gonna do good, we all suffer and this is what pleases the 'Shaytan' who is our clear-cut enemy.

 Don't Let Shaytan Prevent Your Good Deeds

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