Very Emotional Story Of A Chinese Sister Convert To Islam

Very Emotional Story Of A Chinese Sister Convert To Islam

Very Emotional Story Of A Chinese Sister Convert To Islam by Nouman Ali Khan

Question: Tell us some of the stories of how people came here close to Islam, became Muslim just listening to the Qur'an?

Nouman Ali Khan: I'll tell you a story from last night. So I taught Surat Taha last night, some lessons from Surat Taha, the beauty of the story of Musa (AS) (Moses) how Allah tells it, and at the end of it a young woman came up to me of I think Chinese origin, but a British raised young woman, and she came up to me and says,

"I've been thinking about Islam, I was really moved by these lessons from the Qur'an but I'm not sure if I want to become Muslim",

and I said,

"what's holding you back",

and she said,

"I'm not sure",

and I said,

"You have to give me a better answer than that",

and she's thought about it and she said,

"My parents, my friends, you know people around me, pressure, stress",

I said,

"those are all really good reasons",

I said,

"I can't I can't compete with that and I'm not going to tell you that if you accept Islam and you accept this book that it's going to be easy, I think those relationships will suffer for sure, I'm telling you now, it'll be hard, people would be very angry with you, but what I can tell you is, the peace you're going to enjoy in your heart and the relationship you'll get with Allah is worth the price",

and she started crying, she's standing there and she's crying, and I told her,

"You know why you're crying?",

she said,


I said,

"Because you've already accepted it, your heart already accepted Islam",

and she was crying even more and you know I said,

"You know when you're crying it reminds me of an 'Ayat' 'Tears roll out of their eyes'",

and she starts crying even more, then I said,

"You know when you're crying like you're about to make a decision but the train already left the station and you're asking me should you get on it or not, you're already on it, and it already left the station, and what are you worried about losing company for? Allah says 'Those who believe and do good things, Allah will enter them absolutely into the company of the righteous', this 'Ayat' was given in Surat Al-Ankabut, two companions who lost their family because of Islam, and Allah said 'Yes you've lost one family, I'll give you another one, I'll give you a believing family, believers will become your family'",

and she says to me,

"How do I take the 'Shahadah', how do I become Muslim?",

so she repeated the 'Shahadah' after me.

 Very Emotional Story Of A Chinese Sister Convert To Islam

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