The Scariest Part About Judgement Day In Islam

The Scariest Part About Judgement Day In Islam

The Scariest Part About Judgement Day In Islam by Nouman Ali Khan

Today I'm going to share to you three Ayat (Verse), and the point of these three Ayat (Verse) is to illustrate how in a very subtle way Allah is telling us the scariest part of Judgment Day. Generally the expression
"Until they come to it"
that's the expression, now "it" is hell fire in front of them, they arrive at heaven in front of them, they arrive at judgement in front of them, in three of the cases that I'm describing to you, all three of them, this is actually hell fire being described, they approach at the very edge of hell fire. Until the very moment they approach it, they arrive at it, their hearing, their eyes and their skin will start testifying against them about what they used to do, That's one Ayat (Verse).

Another Ayat (Verse)
"Until he comes to Us"
meaning not to hell fire but he approaches Allah, he comes before Allah, and he says
"Oh, if only there was huge distance between you and me"
he's talking about the devil, that used to kind of whisper to him all the time, his personal assigned devil, he's blaming him and saying
"I wish there was the longest, the distance of two east between me and you, what a terrible companion you've been"
that's the other one, and beginning with
"Until the time he comes to Us"
The final one

"until the time they approach it"

until the very time where they come to it, meaning the doors of hell fire, its gates are opened, the gates of hell are opened. So now there are three scenes. In one scene your skin, you hearing, your seeing are testifying against you. In another scene you're wishing between you and the devil that whispered to you there was a gap of two east. And in the third scene in which you've approached the gates and the gates have now just been opened. And in the Qur'an
"Until they come to it", "Until they come to Us"
all of them, in English roughly the same but in one of them Allah adds the word, in grammar it's considered an auxiliary add on that you can do without, if you don't say it, you can still have correct grammar. So in the Qur'an in a very, very subtle way is telling us that the scariest part of Judgment Day is when my hearing and my seeing and my skin is going to testify against me, that's the scariest part. It is scarier than meeting the devil that was there whispering to me all the time, it is scarier than the hell fire itself, the gates opening itself, it's scarier than that.

The most toughest part of all of this is when the thing that you thought was your own. My hands were my own, my eyes were my own, my ears were my own, I listened to what I want, said what I want, did what I want, I used this body for whatever I want, the skin basically includes the entire body whatever I did with this body, which was mine, is no longer mine, it is testifying against me, it is speaking out, it is incriminating me. No one can incriminate you better than yourself, your own body.
"Why are you testifying against ourselves?"
There's this, almost insane conversation
"Why are you testifying against myself?"
You know understand the principle of Islam, the skin that I have, these eyes that I have, the gift that Allah has given me, right now I can turn this way and look that way, I can do that it's completely under my control, that's because Allah has given my 'nafs', the ability to control these limbs, but these limbs don't belong to me, they belong to Allah, it's a rental for which I'm not paying anything, and it's going to be returned to owner, and one day it's going to come when it goes back to its owner, it's not going to be mine, the truth of the fact that it was never mine, is going to be revealed, so when I turned this way and looked, and I looked into disobedience of Allah, the eye itself was bothered because the eye belongs to Allah, the eye doesn't like to disobey Allah, I do, so the eye cried inside

"Why is he making me do this?, I don't want to do this, I was made to obey Allah"

Allah says, everything in the skies and the earth continuously declares Allah perfection, everything is in complete submission to Allah, the entire universe, every cell, every atom, which is what my hands are made of, my eyes are made of, so these eyes, these hands, this skin, it's actually been coerced into obeying me, I thought it was on my side, and it's not, it's actually my slave, these are my slaves and on Judgment Day they are free so they can go back to their original Master, and then they complain to their Master

"Master, he made me disobey You"

that is the scariest day. The scariest moment of Judgment Day, when you realize what you don't own, when I realize what I don't own, what it is that we were given and how we took it for granted, how we are actually in complete ownership of Allah (SWT).

May Allah (SWT) give us real consciousness of Judgment Day and may Allah (SWT) help us appreciate the power of these Words, so you and I and our families are truly prepared of standing in front of Him.

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