The Day of Zina Haram Activity (Valentine's Day)

The Day of Zina Haram Activity Valentine's Day

The Day of Zina Haram Activity (Valentine's Day) by Abdul Hakim Quick

What is also interesting for us to remember, is that after January, in February, that somewhere around the middle of February there was a celebration that was known by the ancient Romans as the Lupercalia, and the Lupercalia was a ceremonial, Luper means wolf and they depicted a wolf chasing a little girl, and so they had a ceremony, I'm not making this up by the way, if you want to, you can look this up, if you don't believe me go to the encyclopedia right after we're finished, a children's encyclopedia, look up Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas and Halloween, and you'll find everything I'm talking about, you want to go deeper into it go on the Internet, look up the pagan roots of all of these holidays.

And so the Lupercalia was the celebration of the wolf, and the authorities there would gather together young people, and they would put their names into a box, men and women, and they would take out the names and whoever was your partner, whatever name you picked was your partner for the day and all types of sexual activity went on during that day, they were totally out of control, that is the Lupercalia, that's what it really means.

Now around February 14th, around 270 ad of the Christian era, a bishop by the name of Valentine, he was trying to work with the Roman soldiers because the Roman Emperor had imposed upon his soldiers that anybody who joined the army could not get married, because if you got married you're always thinking about your wife all the time, you're useless soldier. But the soldiers wanted to get married, so saint Valentine work with them and he was captured by the Roman Emperor, he was imprisoned and he was beheaded, and so a legend formed around saint Valentine's Day. In one case, it said he even helped a blind young girl, he was trying to help her get married, and so she wrote a note and it was found in his jail cell, "to my Valentine", and so from that date, somebody making that compromise, brought together the two streams, and so now you have Valentine's Day.

So on that occasion and it's in the school system, if Muslims they're sending their children to school, you got a problem on Valentine's Day because they make them do Valentine's cards, in some cases it becomes mandatory in some classes, now they even have a, I don't know about here, you can buy a Valentine's Day card and somebody will come and sing or somebody will bring food and you know they make it very lavish, and so what happens is, young people are forced together on that occasion, and for those who are part of the monotheistic tradition, who understand that the relationship between men and women should be done in a sacred way within marriage and not in a loose way before marriage, and we see what is happening in the society itself, we see what has happened to the standards, even in the White House, so we understand what is going on in the society, that's because people have lost their limits, that "Hudood", the limits have been broken up, and so those who are maintaining to the limits in the monotheistic religions, and those people of consciousness, recognize that saint Valentine's Day is really part of a pagan holiday, where people are carrying out the so-called wishes of Venus or Aphrodite, their little son called Cupid who shoots you with an arrow, you know that story?, he shoots you in an arrow and you fall hopelessly in love.

And some Muslims say "I want to get married, I'm in love", you're in love?, what is love? There is "Kafa'ah", in Fiqh there is "Kafa'ah" suitability, yes there should be an attraction between husband and wife, but the Prophet (SAW) spoke about the beauty, about wealth, about genealogy, and about "Deen", and he said "Marry people for their religion", for their "Deen", their "Taqwa", that is the basis of the marriage.

And so saint Valentine's Day is another time that we have to take a stand, the position we are taking is the young people should have nothing to do with Valentine's Day, you have to step out of that completely.

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