Jack's Life Advice Will Change Your Future

Jack's Life Advice Will Change Your Future

Jack's Life Advice Will Change Your Future by Jack on TheDeenShowTV

Where you from?

I'm from England.

What's your story?

There's got to be some kind of purpose of life. They teach you in school just to make the money, get the best job, but when you look out the window you see the stars, you know there's got to be more than just making money, having a good time and then die. When you look at the order, the animals, the heavens and the earth, I started to think about that sort of stuff, I've been to the 'Masajid', I've been to temples, I've been to churches, I look into different things and I came to the conclusion that there's no god but Allah, and we've got the the Quran makes arguments that if there were gods besides Allah then surely there would be disorder in heavens and the earth, one would try and overcome the other. If you've got two kings of one country, they're gonna fight and cause chaos, sort of fact that disorder it proves to us that there can only be One Creator. So these rational arguments it's not like a blind faith, so when I heard these type of things I just accept, we got the clear proof and clear evidence which is within the heavens and the earth and also within your own intelligence.

What advice do you have for people who have all these misconceptions about Islam?

I just say to them, don't really blind follow what you hear in the media, that's how I started off on my journey. These people the politicians, the media, they're not really trustworthy, they like to lie a lot, so just try and find out the truth for yourself, it's very easy. People just see something on Facebook and then they share it, they don't look into it, they just take blind follow. Don't be a sheep, and at least do the research then you can find out if you like it or you don't like it, don't just copy and paste. How about pick up the Quran for yourself and read it or you can listen online and you find it very peaceful.

 Jack's Life Advice Will Change Your Future

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