Feminism, Sex Culture and Women in Islam

Feminism, Sex Culture and Women in Islam

Feminism, Sex Culture and Women in Islam by Saajid Lipham

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and hello to everybody watching this video. Today I want to talk about women in Islam, particularly I'd like to talk about the hijab, the fact that women cover themselves. And there's a specific message that Id like to send out to all the non-Muslims and then there's another specific message that I want to send to all the Muslims about this topic.

Now I'm really sick and tired of all these non-Muslims who want to sit there and act like Islam is so barbaric and backwards and primitive because women cover themselves, because there are certain rules in Islam to protect the household, to protect marriage, to protect chastity. People want to act like, oh you know men they should be able to control themselves, they should be able to go out in the society and see women not wearing any clothes and just be able to to deal with that and still love their wife and still take care of their kids and not be attracted and not cheat on their spouse, not do this, not do that, they should be able to control themselves. Who says that? I think mostly women say that because women they don't understand what it's like to be a man. When a man sees a woman who is not covered, who has make up on, who might not be wearing many clothes, he's going to naturally be attracted to her, that's how God made him, just like you when you're walking through the food court and you smell a Cinnabon you get hungry and "that smells good, I want to get something to eat", are you crazy for that, are you some sort of backwards barbarian for that, no, you can understand that's sort of a natural reaction, right? Now I'm not saying that just because a man might have that initial desire that it's okay for him to act upon it, it's okay for him to to cheat or to sexually harass people or to rape or anything like that, of course these things I'm 100% against, what I'm talking about is that natural response that men have when they see an attractive woman, they can't control that, the best that they can do is they can try to be in an environment that will protect them from these desires and that might make women upset but this is reality, this is the real world, and if you think that your society where women don't cover, where men and women they date and they casually have these little relationships here and there, if you think that's the new intellectual modern man's way of living, how's that working out for you? How many people get married anymore? How many men cheat on their wives? How many men have babies they don't even get married in the first place and they don't even take care of their kids, they just have sex, impregnate a woman and that's it, they're gone. How many women are sexually frustrated at home because their husbands aren't attracted to them? Why do you think your husband isn't attracted to you? You think it might have something to do with the fact that he's been bombarded with images of supermodels and porn stars and beautiful actresses since he's hit puberty but it's the Muslims who are backwards because they try to protect the sanctity of marriage.

To all the men out there, this is a big elephant in the room, right? How many of you are addicted to pornography? You won't tell the women about that who want to sit there and make all these accusations about men but you can just think to yourself how many of you guys look at pornography everyday? Or multiple times a week? How many of you have tried to give it up but you can't, you're addicted to it but it's the Muslims who are backwards because they try to protect people from all of these issues. Know these rules in Islam are to protect the society, they're to protect the household. Look at the difference, just look at the demographics in the United States for example, study the statistics about people that come from single-parent homes and people who come from two-parent homes, look at the difference, look at the effects of these things have on a society. Now as Muslims we believe that God told us this is the proper way for you to live in a society, the women should cover, if you want to have intimate relations with the opposite sex than you need to get married. God created us, God knows everything, He said that this is the right way. Now I don't expect the non-Muslims to believe that because you don't or you'd be a Muslim, whether you believe in Allah or Islam or the Quran or not, you should at least be able to understand the wisdom behind what I'm saying in regards to the wisdom behind women covering themselves and how that helps protect a society, it helps protect the sanctity of marriage. They're women who, they'll get mad because they think, oh it's unjust women shouldn't have to cover themselves but then they'll get mad when their husband is not attracted to them, if your husband wasn't out here looking at all these other women, he would be attracted to you, if he wasn't out here looking at pornography taking care of his intimate needs by himself, he would be attracted to you, even if you might not be the ideal supermodel, you're still a woman, okay, and he still has manly desires, he would be attracted to you, okay, he would fulfill those desires with you but these people they want to reject the Guidance of the One that created them and they think they're so smart and the people who follow the Guidance of the Creator they're the backwards one, it's ridiculous. That's my message to the non-Muslims.

Now to the Muslims, I'm just a sick of Muslims trying to apologize for their religion and try to change it and try to cater to the non-Muslim. Allah guided you to the truth. You know Allah commanded women to cover themselves, you know that there are certain rules and regulations between men and women, this doesn't make Muslims backwards, don't let them make you think that it's backwards just because they're out here and they're criticizing you, they're proud of their backwards ideology but you're not proud of the truth? And in conclusion there's one story that I want to share that will really clarify what I'm talking about because when all the Muslims don't follow their Religion properly and you have people sitting there trying to act like, oh no this isn't from Islam and this is what extremists follow, you throw practicing Muslims under the bus, you make them look ridiculous in front of the non-Muslims because you've implanted in their mind that following the actual teachings of Islam is like some sort of backwards extreme thing. So the story I want to share it has to do with some Saudi students that were studying in America. Now I never publicly talked about this because I think Saudi Arabia and Saudis in general, man, they get a bad rap and it's really unjust because I've been living here for six years, I love this country, I love the people here, it's not perfect but some of the best people in this world live in Saudi Arabia, they're from Saudi Arabia, there's certain things about this society that are better than any other society in the world, so I don't want to make them look bad and I want to preface by saying that but of course there are Saudis who have shortcomings just like all people, and back when I lived in Chicago before I came to Medina to study, wanted to get certified to teach English because if I didn't get accepted to the University, I at least wanted to come here and live in a Muslim society, learn Arabic, and I said, okay I'll just teach English if that's what I have to do.

So there was a school where foreign exchange students would go to learn English and part of my certification was to go there and to observe some of these classes for a couple of days and when I got there to my surprise about 60% of the students they were from Saudi Arabia, I was going to that school to get certified to teach English and then go to Saudi, so the fact that there were Saudis there to me that was great. So when I went there I went to meet with the principal and she wants to shake my hand and as politely as I could I tried to explain to her that I'm a Muslim, I practice Islam and out of respect for the opposite gender we don't shake hands and you know what she said to me? She said, you know what, 60% of the students here from Saudi Arabia, some of them are from Mecca and they come up to me and they hug me and they kiss me on the forehead and you won't even shake my hand, you might want to rethink that. So now because these students from Saudi, from Mecca even, because they came to America and they're hugging this lady and kissing her on the forehead, now I look like I'm crazy, and I had a friend who was from Saudi Arabia at the time, I had one friend from Saudi and I told him what happened and he was like, 'Wallahi' they would never do this in Saudi Arabia. The point of the story is, is that if they hadn't done that, if 60% of these students they explain to her, they were polite to her, of course this is something we all struggle with who tried to implement this, but 'InshaAllah' (God Willing) if you conduct yourself properly and you explain to them, then 'InshaAllah' (God Willing) they'll know, they'll understand, oh this isn't out of disrespect, this is just part of their custom, this is just out of modesty, chastity, this is part of their religion, and 'InshaAllah' (God Willing) there are people who will respect that, but because they didn't do that, now people who want to implement that part of their 'Deen' (Way of Life) look crazy, look like extremists, not only of course you have to worry about standing in front of Allah and the sins you're accumulating but you're also throwing your brothers and sisters under the bus, the people who want to practice their 'Deen' (Way of Life) properly.

And the last example I want to use is, for example eating pork, Muslims are so proud to not eat pork, everyone knows that, everyone knows Muslims don't eat pigs, why does everyone know that because Muslims they don't shy away from that, they're not scared, oh they're not sitting there thinking, "okay I know that my religion teaches me not to eat pork but I don't want to offend anyone so okay, yeah Muslims, yeah you know only the extremists don't eat pork", no, Muslims aren't scared to say "No, we don't eat pork", so everyone knows that, but all these other aspects of the religion, people don't know about because Muslims are scared to implement it. If all of us implement it, people will know, it won't be so difficult. 'Wallahi' there are people, there are several times where a woman is going to shake my hand and I politely declined and they liked it, they preferred that to shaking hands, some don't like it, okay, who are you trying to please, you're trying to please them or you're trying to please Allah? If we all implement these things people will know about it, people will understand it, oh I know he's a Muslim he doesn't shake hands with women because it's not meant as disrespect in fact it's actually meant to be respectful, women can understand, oh just like I wouldn't want this individual to touch me on certain parts of my body, in fact I would take them to court and have them arrested if they touch me out on certain parts of my body, they feel that way even about the hands because they really are people that really strive to maintain the relationship between husband and wife, to avoid all the issues, all the trials and tribulations that we see spread in Western culture with all of the broken homes, the STDs, rapes, cheating, so on and so forth, so people will know about it.

So that's all I have to say. To all the non-Muslims, I hope you understand that this isn't a backwards, crazy, barbaric religion, it's actually extremely intelligent, it's incredibly wise, and if you got to understand where Muslims are coming from, then you'd understand that. And to the Muslims, start implementing your religion, don't be afraid of it, don't throw Muslims who practice their religion under the bus as if they're backwards, and the people they'll start to understand the wisdom behind it, they'll start to see the wisdom because they'll see it being practiced, they'll see, oh my coworker here he cheated on his wife with his other co-worker but the Muslim over there he's happy, he has three kids, he's been married to his wife for 30 years, he didn't sexually harass me, he doesn't make me feel uncomfortable, I feel safe around him, but you want to act like the Muslims are backward. Yeah Muslims, we got our own problems, we got our own issues, mainly when it comes to not implementing Islam properly but Islam itself is perfect and before you go criticizing it, you need to learn the wisdom behind it, because I guarantee there's wisdom behind everything in Islam. Thank you for watching.

 Feminism, Sex Culture and Women in Islam

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