Adam Asks Allah A Very Wise Question

Adam Asks Allah A Very Wise Question

Adam Asks Allah A Very Wise Question by Yusha Evans

There was a very beautiful conversation that reminds me of this Verse (Qur'an 7:23) and I'll be brief, that took place between Adam (AS) and Allah (SWT), and Ibn Kathir records this in his tafsir of these Verses. He says that when Adam (AS) was being taken away from this Garden (Heaven), he asked Allah (SWT) a few questions. Number one he said my Lord did you not create me with Your own two hands? And Allah said yes. He (Adam) said did You not breathe into me The Breath of Life and cause me to live? And Allah said yes. Did You not when I sneezed, say Yarhamuk Allah (May Allah have Mercy on you), yes I did say that. Then Adam asked a very wise question to Allah that explains us, when You Created me and You Placed me in that Garden, and You tell me not to eat from that Tree, didn't You already know I was going to eat from it?

You see Adam understood that Allah knew before creating anything, that He was going to create Adam, He was going to put him in the Garden, him and his wife, and they're going to eat from that Tree even though they were told not to do so, Allah knew, so Allah says, yes I knew you were going to do it. So Adam (AS) said then can You not forgive me for that, and put me back in that Garden one day? And Allah said yes. And He taught him the very famous Word, my Lord I have wronged my own soul and if You do not forgive me and have mercy on me, surely I will be one of the losers.

So you see, life is not about whether you will sin or not, because you are going to sin. If you keep living, you're probably going to keep sinning at some point in your life. It's not about whether you will sin or not, every son of Adam sins, what is important is what you do about the sin. He (Allah) said but the best of those who sin are those who repent. You see when Allah (SWT) told the angels I know something you don't know, I'm proving a point here, that yes, I'm going to create this khalifah, Yes, his progeny, many of them are going to turn away from Me, yes, they're all going to commit sin, they're all going to do wrong, but there will be some of them who will turn back to Me, and ask Me to forgive them, and I will forgive them.

You see true power, this is why understanding The Attributes of Allah is difficult for the human mind, because true power is not punishing when you have the capability to do so, true power is when you have the right to punish, Allah has the right to punish all of us, for our sins, Allah is capable of punishing us, yet He chooses to forgive those who seek forgiveness, that's true power, when you have all the capabilities, all the power to punish, and yet you lean towards forgiveness and you're lenient and merciful, this is The Rabb (God) that we serve. This is the Rabb (God) that Muslims worship, is a Rabb (God) Who is forgiving, Who is merciful, Who knew that I'm going to sin before He created me, so therefore when I do so, I am going to turn to Him, and beg Him to forgive me, and you will find Him to be Most Merciful. This is the beautiful part of Islam that I get from this Verses, and Allah Knows Best.

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