A Message From Iblis The Devil

A Message From Iblis The Devil

A Message From Iblis The Devil by Nouman Ali Khan

That straight path of yours that you think they're (Believers) going to walk on, I'm gonna sit there waiting for ambush, "I swear, I will sit, I will sit I will sit", and 'Qa'dha' in Arabic is to sit for a long time, "Even if nobody shows up I'll sit there waiting and I'll stay awake waiting".

You know sometimes people say and they go to sleep, in 'Ku'ud' you can't sleep, in 'Julus' you can sleep, so right now this is 'Julus' for some of you. He's up and alert waiting to attack on the 'Siratal Mustaqeem' (Straight Path), what does that mean? That the moment you start going on this path (Straight Path), that's where he's going to attack. He will not get in your way on the way to the club, he'll say "Go, I got other clients now, this one's already sold, this sales have already been made, I need to come into the 'Masjid', I need to get inside this guy's head that's sitting over here and get him to send a text message back to her, that's what I need to do, on the straight path I will come", and he says "Your straight path, not only will I be waiting for them, when they show up then I will come at them, I'll attack them, I swear to You (Allah) I will attack them, right in front of them, right behind them, from their rights and on their lefts, I'll come at them from every angle", there's one angle he didn't mention, above, because Revelation comes from above, The Weapon against him comes from above, the shield will come from above, the attack is from everywhere else, the attack is all around us.

So he (Iblis) says "You (Allah) will discover something", he didn't say they will be arrogant just like me, he didn't say that, he said "You'll discover most of them aren't grateful". Before the story began in the 'Surah', Allah was telling us, "I've given you a good life, how little you thank". Way back when before humanity even got started, Iblis (The Devil) came and said, "I'm gonna make sure they are not grateful, I make sure they don't appreciate anything". They're always complaining, they're always annoyed "Ugh! Come on!", they're complaining about traffic, they're complaining about the dinner, they're complaining about work, they're complaining about the weather, they're complaining about their friends, they're complaining about the 'Masjid', they're complaining about the Imams, they're complaining about Sunday school, they're complaining about their teacher, they will complain, and they will complain, and they will complain, and complaining is the opposite of being grateful. I will just make them constant complainers.

In another lecture I explained what these 'Ayah' (Verse) means, what was the incentive? But here I want you to know Allah describes the agenda of Iblis (The Devil),  so Allah saying Iblis (The Devil) whispered to both of them for this reason, here's what he wanted them to do, here's his rationale, if he can get them to do this he will be successful, what is that? So he can expose to them what was covered up of their bodies, of their ugliness, he wanted them to have their clothes removed. Iblis' (The Devil) agenda against the human beings was not the fruit, Allah does not say the agenda was the fruit, eat from the tree, that was on the outside, on the inside his real motive was to get their clothes off. Why am I telling you this? Multibillion-dollar, trillion-dollar industry, an industry that outshines Google, Microsoft, Intel, the entire technology sector put together does not compared with the Pornography Industry. One agenda, get humanity to remove their clothes, yet get them to do that. And all of it to sell us so we can become followers of Iblis (The Devil), all of that for this.

To this day, to this day the biggest marketing ploy, the biggest tool in advertising, the hardest thing to escape for my children, I don't want them to see filth, but the Billboard is right there, I want them to look at the sky but to look at the sky they have to take a glance at that filthy billboard, I want them to  be able to use technology but there's something wrong with technology, how easy is it to just run into a banner, run into some filth, even if your children are going to Islamic school how are you safe from some other child not bringing some filth on his phone, on his PSP, on her PSP, how? They've done this so that this filth has become as common as oxygen itself, impossible to escape, this is the Battle Iblis (The Devil) is winning, to get human beings to not care about their covering, to lose their shame.

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