A French Man Never Wanted To Be Muslim But Realizes He Has To Accept Islam

A French Man Never Wanted To Be Muslim But Realizes He Has To Accept Islam

A French Man Never Wanted To Be Muslim But Realizes He Has To Accept Islam by Eddie From TheDeenShowTV

Eddie: Julian he's not Spanish he's actually from France, so you're your French not French-Canadian right?

Julian: No pure French

Eddie: Alhamdulillah

Eddie: Assalamu'alaikum guys, we're here in Spain, I'm with our brother here, tell us Julian you accepted Islam, and before we get into the meat and potatoes of your story just real quick, tell us, what had you thinking, what turned on the thinking to have you reflect on what's the purpose of life?

Julian: You know what made me realize about the purpose of life is, I was going to bed every night and thinking, what's about this life, you know I thought if I die tomorrow, something very bad might happen to me and I thought I can't keep keep living my life without a real purpose that's been given to me by God, and that's what it made me start to research in every type of religion and then I found that there's no religion except Islam that tell you really what is your purpose. So that's why for me it was a no-brainer because there was no competition, you know we've been talking about that you and I for the past few days is when you look at other religions even if you want to give them a chance to compete with Islam they become very quickly disqualified because at the end of the day if a religion can't tell you what is the purpose of your life, what do you need it for?, and to be honest that I always said I never wanted to be a Muslim, I never wanted to practice Islam as a French, I thought it would be very hard, but because I wanted to be truthful to my Creator, I had no choice but to accept the truth and God tells us what is the purpose, is to worship Him and that was a game changer for me because now all I do in my life I focus on that, I tried to Worship in the best way I can and everything else I do will be a bonus because this is the true purpose we need to fulfill

Eddie: You guys got that gem? That he had in his nature, I mean a person is not fulfilled in terms of living purpose, so you can be living for money, what when that perishes, you can't take it with you when you go, so he started to reflect, and that's the challenge, now do that!, if you're seeking purpose ask the One Who Created you, the Owner of the creation of the heavens and earth for guidance to guide me, why am I here?, and then open up the world religion books, start to look at the introduction to these religions, make sure at the end you're sincere and then also include Islam and then go ahead and compare one to another, and without a doubt if you're sincere, and if you're sincerely seeking the truth God Almighty the Creator will guide you to that truth which we believe is submission to his will and that's Islam, and the other thing that he had mentioned it was beautiful before we cut out is Worship, and Worship in Islam is loving everything that the Creator loves for you to do that's good for you because now you're living life according to your desires or according to God's game plan? and staying away from everything that displeases the Creator, that's Worship, he's living that.

 A French Man Never Wanted To Be Muslim But Realizes He Has To Accept Islam

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