Why Do Man Desire For Women and Money From The Perspective Of Islam

Why Do Man Desire For Women and Money From The Perspective Of Islam

Why Do Man Desire For Women and Money From The Perspective Of Islam by Nouman Ali Khan

Love of desires fulfilled out of women, number one thing that was made desirable for people. Nowadays you wanna buy a car, half naked women standing next to it in the ad, what does car have to do with women?, nothing, but they wanna sell it, sell it through women, use women as objects, right?

The first desire people have, multi multi multi billion dollars industry is pornography. Selling what? Desire of men for women, that's why it's selling, right? Prostitution, desire for women, all these crimes, comes from what?, one thing, that obsession man has for women, right?
Allah says: Later on in life, you will desire to have sons rather then daughters.
Allah says people love having sons.
Allah says: Piled up heaps of wealth out of gold and silver.
Meaning savings, assets, big savings accounts, right? Lots of assets to fall back on, right? And then a good ride.
Allah says: And branded horses.
Now we don't have branded horse, we have branded horsepower, but it's the same thing.
Allah says: Cattle.
Cattle refers to you investments, cause cattle in the old days was the investment. These are things people are obsessed with. And if you find people nowadays, worldly people that are not concerned with religion, what are they obsessed about?, look at what they're doing, either it's women, desire or its money, or it's their investment, their business, or it's their car, their ride, these are the things people are obsessed with constantly. Allah says these things are there, they've been put inside your heart but then the question arises, why?
Allah said beautifully: All of that is utility, things to enjoy a little bit in worldly life, and Allah, He has much better return than this.
He (Allah) has much better than this to offer. So if you think your desires are being challenged by the beauty of these women or this wealth or this house, imagine The One who created this, is saying: I got much better than this, right? So actually these desires are there to fuel, if you really believe the Hereafter, it could help you imagine, man this is so tempting here, I should be more tempted by what He has. But this is only gonna be done for the one who believes in the unseen.

Every Muslims says they believe in the unseen, do they really believe in the unseen? Do they really believe Allah has something better to offer? Do they really believe the house that Allah has for them? Will have better specs, better square footage, better landscaping, better property value, then what are they going after in this world?

It's not just a thing you say and pass over, it's a state of mind, to really believe that there's something better in the next life. And this is what it boils down to, these desires have been put in us, see in the end, is your belief in the next life and better things in the next life stronger? Or you would rather take this now? To cap this off , Allah speaks about the Disbelievers, but this is a human condition, all human beings, especially those who have weak Iman (Faith), may Allah protect us all from it, nobody is save from it.

One of the things He tells us, very powerful is
Allah says: What this means is you people are in love of rushing the things.
You wanna get things quickly. Now the thing is, just to put things on perspective, if you're on a business right?, and I am trying to sell you something or you're trying to sell me something and I say okay I'll buy from you for 100 bucks, but I'll pay you next month, I'll pay you 100 bucks but next month, then another customer walks in and says I'll pay you 90 bucks and I'll pay you cash right now, you know what a good businessman will take?, the 100 bucks next month or the 90 bucks cash right now? They'll take the 90 dollars cash, why? Because we love getting things immediately, we don't wanna wait, you know in businesses they say time is money?, that attitude, wanna get everything now.

So now here's the picture, Allah, our Lord tells us, I will give you a house, I will fulfill everyone of your fantasies, every last one of those, there's nothing in your imagination that you desire that you will not get, everything you will get and more, beyond your imagination, but it's not cash, it's credit, if you want that, then you gotta wait. You can have some of these, it's not like you denied the world, it's not like you can't get married or can't have children or can't have a good life in this world too, you can have them but I'll put restriction on them for you, but if you want them unlimited, live this restricted life and I'll give you unlimited. This is a sales pitch from Allah, and another sales pitch from Shaytaan (Satan), he says why you gotta to wait?, I'll get you the stuff right now, enjoy it live it up, you're young, when is this gonna come back? And when the Shaytaan (Satan) says this, and you forget that Allah is offering you eternal youth, Allah is offering never ending life, Allah is offering desires to the end, you forget all of that, all for what? One weakness, we rush to things, we can't wait.
The Messenger of Allah told us: This world is the prison of the Believer and the paradise of the Disbeliever.
If you wanna turn this world into paradise, then who are you? According to the Messenger's description, you don't really believe in the next life, you may think you do, you might say you do but you really don't. The other thing, just to add to this, listen to these words, they're so powerful, especially Believers our time,

Allah says: Worldly life was beautified for those who disbelieve.
Worldly life is beautiful, but for who? Those who disbelieve.
Allah says: They will poke fun in those who believe.
They will say you guys are missing out on life, look at you people, you gave up all these stuff for what?, for some paradise?, and they'll make fun about paradise and Allah Words came true, they run after duniya (world) and they poke fun over Believers for running after what? The Akhira (Hereafter).
Allah says: And those who guarded themselves, those who feared the disobedience of Allah, they will be the one who will be on top of the Disbelievers in Judgement Day.
So the phrasing is, which means they had Taqwa (Fear), they protected themselves, they warned themselves off from these temptations, they're the ones who will have the upper hand on the Day of Resurrection.

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