When Allah Removes His Veil

When Allah Removes His Veil

When Allah Removes His Veil by Bilal Assad

My dear sisters and brothers in Islam, so now you're taken away by this beauty and all this, and you've forgotten about something which is the most important, and the most beautiful gift that the Believers are given, because everything is so beautiful, there's one Hadith that says:

"The last man who enters paradise, he sees a light coming down from above and he thinks it's Allah"

but it's actually his wife, really? That's how beautiful you are. And then someone calls out to come to a gathering place, you all gather and sit in different positions, some people first class, second class, in fact in the Hadith it says that you look at the people of higher superiority like the way you see stars here, because of their good actions, and everybody's sitting there and there's no obstacles in front of you, suddenly you hear Someone and He says to you:

"My servants (or my worshippers), are you pleased? And we say: Our Lord, we are pleased, and then Allah says: Behold! There will be pleasure from Me upon you forever and I will never ever be displeased with you, is there anything that is missing that you still want? And we say: [InshaAllah] "Our Lord, how could there be anything else when you have saved us from the fire and put us into Jannah (Heaven), and then Allah SWT says: There is one more promise that I have yet to fulfill (I have not fulfilled it yet), and now is the time"

So you're sitting with your spouses and with all the inhabitants of Jannah (Heaven) in one place, and then Allah SWT releases The Veil and you see Allah, you see Allah, Allah says in The Quran:

"On that day, faces will be bright looking at their Lord, Allah SWT"

and Ibn Qayyim says in this beautiful poem but in English it doesn't sound nice, what he says is,

"They look at their Lord and suddenly there is no more beautiful thing that they have ever laid their eyes on after what after what they have laid their eyes already from the beauty of Jannah (Heaven) than the Sight of The Lord SWT".

When you see Allah SWT you forget all the beauty that you have ever seen until this point, AllahuAkbar! (God Is Great), and what could describe The Beauty of Allah? Nothing! Nothing!

Brothers and sisters in Islam, I ask Allah SWT to grant us this Beautiful Reward of The Sight of Allah SWT, for it is a Reward, it is not something which Allah SWT kept away from us deliberately just so that He can make like a punishment in this world or anything, but because The Sight of Him is a Reward and It's a Pleasure Itself. Jannah (Heaven) is all about seeing Allah and speaking to Allah SWT finally. I ask Allah SWT to make Jannah (Heaven) our abode, I ask Allah SWT to forgive our sins, I ask Allah SWT to accept our deeds. Brothers and sisters in Islam, you want Jannah (Heaven)? Then now is the time to work for it.

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