This Life or The Next in Islam

This Life or The Next in Islam

This Life or The Next by Momen Suliman

This dunya (world) is nothing, Oh Muslims do you agree? This dunya (world) is nothing and we are nothing. Don't you see?

What if I tell you when you die you will meet your Creator and you would be asked about your actions in the past life, the good and the bad deeds, would you believe? Would you believe if I told you every time you check the news, it's all about shooting and killing and dead bodies all around, waking up everyday and see our Muslim Ummah are getting shot down.

The life we're in is just a temporary life we're living, nothing like the Hereafter, that's when the life of eternal really begins, where some people be in hell, and some people be in heaven. This life that we live in soon it will end. You have to choose between this Life or the Hereafter. So choose wisely my brothers and sisters and my non Muslim friends. Get close to Allah SWT is the best thing anyone can do.

If you like to meet Allah SWT then Allah SWT likes to meet you, and if you don't like to get close to Allah SWT and to meet Allah SWT who created you, then Allah SWT don't like to meet you, and InshaAllah (God Willing) while you are living on this earth, He will disgrace you.

See Allah SWT test the people that He loves and put them through trials and see if they have patience or not,  and the people who has patience those are the people who in Allah they trust. The people that make time for Allah SWT and go do Hajj and Umrah. See this world is fill with Fitna (chaos), this world for us Muslims is a prison and for the Kaffirs (Non-Believers) this world for them is Jannah (Heaven). 

When will you wake up Oh Muslim Ummah? When you realize, for us Muslims is the Hereafter and for the Kaffirs (Non-Believers) is this dunya (world). When will you open your eyes and see that this life ain't for us at all? Wake up. When will you go back to Allah? This is a reminder for all of us, Allah is calling you, when will you answer The Call? I hope soon, because very soon this so called beautiful life, it will be destroyed and it will fall.

Oh Muslim Ummah, open your eyes and look at this dunya (world), and you will see, and you will realize it's time, the judgement day is very close, Allah has already shown us some of the Signs, next it will be The Big Major Signs. When you witness those Last Signs, then you will see this whole time you were blind. Wake up before you go, because who knows, this Friday or the next, Judgement Day will come, only Allah SWT knows.

All I can tell you is, The Hour, The Hour, it's Close.

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