The Angels Of The Gatherings Amazing Hadith

The Angels Of The Gatherings Amazing Hadith

The Angels Of The Gatherings Amazing Hadith by Mohammad Hoblos

So the Prophet SAW, he says, Allah SWT has angels, Allah has angels, these angels, their job is to circulate the earth and find gatherings where Allah is being remembered, like we are doing now. So there're angels, their job is to find these gatherings. And it is said, the Prophet of Allah says, that these angels, they find these gatherings, these gatherings they have Noor (Light), and these gatherings they shine, they shine to the people of the heavens like the stars shine for the people on the earth at night. That's what we're doing now, right now.

So these angels when they find these gatherings, they start calling to one another, imagine bro, imagine, come!, come!, we found what we were looking for! Sahih Hadith.

Then the Prophet SAW he says, then the angels they come, and they pack into the gathering, and they start sitting on top of one another until they reach the lowest heaven. He (SAW) even says and I'm mixing between two different Hadiths but they're on the same topic, he (SAW) says, not only do they come in, he (SAW) says, but they will rub their wings against your shoulders. You know that feeling you're feeling now, habibi that are the angels of Allah.

Then Allah calls the angels, and of course Allah Knows All, Allah says to the angels, what's going on?, what's the commotion about?, of course I'm paraphrasing, so the angels they say, Ya Allah there's a group of people they've come together to remember Your Name, so Allah SWT He says to the angels, He says, What do they want, what do My slaves want?, this is happening right now, angels are speaking on your behalf, so the angels say to Allah, they say, Ya Allah these slaves they got together they're remembering you, they're talking about you, Allah says, What do they want, so they say to Him, they say, Oh Allah they want Your Jannah (Heaven), Allah says, Have they seen My Jannah (Heaven)?, The angels say, No, Allah says, What if they were to see My Jannah (Heaven)?, the angels say, Ya Allah if they were to see Your Jannah (Heaven) they would Glorify You more intensely. He (Allah) says, What else?, they say, O Allah they seek protection, they seek protection from Your Hellfire, Allah says, Have they seen My Hellfire?, they say, No, He (Allah) says, What if they were to see it?, they say, Ya Allah if they seen Your Hellfire they would seek protection from it even more eagerly, Allah says, Oh My angels let it be known, that I have Given them what they're after, I have Forgiven their sins, I have Protected them from Hellfire, and I shall Give them Paradise.

So one of the angels he says, Ya Allah, but there's someone in the crowd he didn't want to be there (he's not part of the gathering, he just happened to be there you know, he just happened to be passing by), Allah says, Because of the greatness of that gathering, I have Forgiven that person also. These are the success when you remember Allah SWT my brothers.

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