Spending Personal Time With Allah

Spending Personal Time With Allah

Spending Personal Time With Allah by Nouman Ali Khan

In every single day, I don't ask you to recite a Juz (Chapter), I don't expect that much anymore, 1 page of Quran in Arabic, I don't care how badly you recite. If you are embarrassed of your recitation, go on your room by yourself, lock it up, but recite it out loud, not silently, out loud, and before you recite, if you don't know any Arabic, turn to Allah and say, Ya Allah I'm reciting Your Words only for You, and You're The Only One Who can make it easy for me, You're The Only One Who can make it easy for me to recite it, to memorize it, to understand it, to love it, to pray with it, You're The Only One Who can do that for me, and Ya Allah I'm doing this for You, You make it easy for me.

This will be your personal time with Allah SWT outside of Salah (Prayer), 10 minutes is all it takes, but you need to make that time in your life, and as your love for Quran grows, I won't have to convince you in a lecture to give it 10 minutes, you'll be sitting with it twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty, an hour, that time will increase for you, it will increase for you, but it will happen on its own. It will never happen though unless you put yourself in a routine. Non of these things will benefit your life until they become a routine.

You really wanna have a relationship with The Quran? Start with reciting It, even if you don't understand It, Even! if you don't understand It, I'll say it again 'Even if you don't understand It'. But brother, I don't understand Arabic, I don't get anything out of It, Yes! you do. You don't even know what you get out of It, you're trying to imitate The Words of Allah as He Revealed Them, you don't think there's benefit in that? There's absolutely is.

My teacher, I asked this question when I was dumb, not too long ago, I asked my teacher, what's the point of reciting Quran if you don't know Arabic? What you get out of that? He says, let me tell you a story, this is my teacher Sheikh Abdul Ghani in New York. He told us this story, a boy, he goes to the beach, and actually he asked the same question, so his dad took him to the beach, and he gave him a dirty bucket, and it has holes in it though, he said go fill it up with water, go fill it up. The boy goes fill it up with water, and he brings it back, and by the time he brings it back to dad, what happened already? He said go fill it up again. So he sent him like 5 times back and forth, back and forth, then he goes, dad there's no point, it's empty, dad goes, Yah, but you noticed a difference? He goes, Yah, it's cleaned, and dad goes, now you get it? And he says, Ooh!!!

Now those of you who still don't get it, you're clearly on Facebook too long, right? Your brain has melted. Spend time reciting Quran.

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