Spending $100,000 On A Wedding What Is Wrong With Us?

Spending 100000 On A Wedding What Is Wrong With Us

Spending $100,000 On A Wedding What Is Wrong With Us? by Abdul Nasir Jangda

And one of the most unfortunate manifestation of this day is even like weddings and these occasions to celebrate, and how we celebrate these occasions, how we conduct this weddings, that people spent inordinate, ridiculous, disgusting amounts of money on a wedding, on a 4 hour party, and it gets so bad that it's not just somebody spends a lot of money but then it becomes a competition.

So you know, they had a wedding for 500 people at that hotel, so we gotta do it at the nicer hotel and we got to have 600 people, why?, cause they have 500 people, so we got to have 600 people, but we don't even know 600 people, what are we going to do?, we'll figure something out, we'll just make a public announcement just bring a lot of people but there's got to be more people then they had.

Right, so it's a constant competition, spending money and just always wanting to won up each other. You know, I had a very unfortunate experience not too long ago, when I was invited to an Akikah, Akikah is basically the birth feast, the celebration or the feast that is done after the birth of a child, and it's a Sunnah of the Prophet SAW, and this Akikah cost up to $50,000, and it just, and it just didn't make sense.

You know I really try my very best to never be judgemental, and never to judge anyone, and people you know should be, and there's nothing wrong with people celebrating or enjoying an occasion, or sharing a moment with friends and family or community, but there comes a point in a time where something becomes wrong.

You know last Ramadan, this past Ramadan, and it hasn't even been 6 months since Ramadan, it's been about 5 months since Ramadan went by at the time of recording this video, that we had the crisis going on in East Africa, people were dying due to starvation, people were dying because they couldn't get a piece of bread to eat, cause they couldn't get a cup of clean water to drink, people were dying, and how do you justify, spending $50,000 to $100,000 on a wedding? How do you justify that?

There has to be a time and a place where you ask yourself, what am I going to say when I stand before Allah SWT? What will I say? How will I answer for myself? So it's something to really think about, There's a beautiful Hadith of the Prophet SAW where he says:
"The worst Walima (the feast and occasion, the celebration after the marriage) where the rich and the wealthy are invited and there's no room for poor people at the Walima, the poor are not fed at that Walima."
And lets compare our occasions, our Walimas, our Akikahs and our celebrations to that standard. We only invite the rich and the wealthy and the influential and the famous, we have no room for the poor, we don't accommodate the poor. There's just not a consideration, they're burden, and so it's something to really think about. And when we fall into this predicament of just constantly of just competing with each other, it doesn't matter what we have to do. I will take that loan, I will put myself in debt, I will work my entire life to have one 4 hour party.

People spend their life savings on a 4 hour party, people will go into debt for the rest of their life, they will die in debt for a 4 hour party. You know it doesn't even end there, sometime likes, even parents when their kids grow up and they're going to college and they're going to school, they have to go to that college, because their son goes to that college so our son has to go to a better college. And they'll brag to each other about what school their son goes to. But what you don't see on the back end of it , they literally going into hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of debt, why? Cause we got to maintain that social standard, we gotta keep up appearance.

It makes you useless, it completely takes you away from the purpose of your life, you live life for such a greater purpose, to serve Allah, to better humanity, to help people, that is why we live life to spread The Message of Allah, The Word of Allah.
And then Allah SWT says: Until and unless you have visited the graves, that from time to time you remind yourself of the Hereafter.
Remind yourself that there is something more important at stake here and lets get back on track, so lets try to be conscious, try to be aware of this.

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