Save Yourself From The Hellfire Islamic Reminder

Save Yourself From The Hellfire Islamic Reminder

Save Yourself From The Hellfire Islamic Reminder by Mufti Menk

The Hereafter, when you meet with Allah, The Day of Qiyamah (Judgement Day), when we are going to be standing in front of Allah SWT, answering for our deeds, what we did in the past, in this life, so Allah says be conscience of Allah and just prepare for an answer, on the day you are going to be asked about every single thing, and one of the good ways of helping yourself to prepare for tomorrow is to seek forgiveness, did you know that? That's why I started off the session by saying "O Allah forgive me", and I was quite serious about it, it was not joking, you know there's no smile on my face when I said that, did you notice? Yes, it's a fact.O Allah really I'm a criminal, what I mean is I've done so many things that are wrong in my life, I don't mean major items like you know..., but I'm talking about so many minor things that add up to a major thing, you know the Hadith says, these minor sins can add up to something big, you know you need to be careful of continuing in a minor sin, don't just say "O minor, it's a minor matter, don't worry it's a minor matter", those minor becomes major man, you know poke yourself with a pen, it's minor isn't it?, and keep poking yourself with a pen, the same place, what happens, it becomes big, tetanus and so on and they're going to amputate your hand then, but what was it? It's just a pen prick, minor isn't it? May Allah SWT forgive us.

So let's understand, you need to prepare yourself for tomorrow so do I, so when do I prepare for tomorrow?, tomorrow or now?, Now. So what do we have, we have this Verse of The Quran that is the biggest motivation if you ask me, for me, and there's another verse that motivates me as well, and that is the Verse in Surah Tahrim if I'm not mistaken, 

All of You Who Believe

And this is for the Believers, those who Believe in the Hereafter, those who Believe that after death there is some form of accountability regarding what we were doing in this life. So Allah says,

all of you who believe

Encourage each other to do good, discourage bad, be focused on a goal that is further, not just today, today you want to achieve something out of you lusts or desires, that is a temporary item that will result in the Wrath of Allah or the Anger of Allah, cut it and drop it, it's not worth it. Ask those who committed adultery in the past, they will tell you it was satisfaction for 10 minutes, or for a day, or a month, and after that it was doom and gloom for a long, long, long time. I've spoken to girls for example who've asked for help because they are pregnant from people they cannot admit, they can't even speak to their own parents, unwanted or should I say teenage pregnancies, and they tell you, you know what, it was only 10 minutes, or some will say, I just went out with him for a month maximum, and look at this now, suffering, the guy runs away, whatever happened has happened, but Allah SWT is telling us that these are temporary pleasures, be careful of them, there is a way of pleasing yourself whilst pleasing Allah, and there is a way of pleasing yourself in the displeasure of Allah, the latter is unacceptable.

I know for example the music that we have today on the globe, the musical industry or music industry, the basic songs, basic, when I was a kid, you know the basic songs were just (speaker sings: woo hoo wa hoo hoo hoo, audience laugh) you heard that? Astaghfirullah (Allah forgive me), Astaghfirullah (Allah forgive me), those were back then, it's not like I was a part of a band my brothers and sisters, but I just remember these little things, random when we were at school, and I know as you grow up, in the assemblies they used to sing and whatever used to happen, not to say we participated in it, but it rings a bell sometime, right? But today the lightest of songs speaks about something dirty, they invite you towards Satanism, they invite you towards evil, the Christians are against it, the Jews are against it, anyone with religion and morality and values are against it, they don't want their children to be part of this industry at all, do you know that? What about the Muslims? You were told well in advance, be careful it's part of band of the devil, watch out, and you say "No, no, nothing's wrong, that guy you know he's an extremist man, you know he tells you not to listen to music", relax! what were saying, when something is dirty stay away from it.

The same applies to dress code, we say a freedom of a woman, SubhanaAllah, that freedom of a woman, what is it exactly? Is it freedom when you strip a woman naked for all eyes of men to just enjoy?, and this why you have a lot of designer clothing, the name belongs to a man, he's the one who cuts the clothing and decided what you will do, and happily enslaved you, but because he has a PHD you feel he hasn't enslaved me. He has. He has conferred you with a doctorate in enslavery, Alhuakbar, May Allah forgive us. So we don't realize we've become sex objects, that's exactly what it is. Objects of sex. Today when we talk about pleasure, when we talk about love, the word love automatically nowadays translate into sex and the bed, have you thought of that? am I right? It's a fact. It's a reality. Today when someone says "I love you" it means hey I just want to see what you're like in bed, that's it. That's what it is. Half the time they've got no clue what love is all about. Yes you have parental love when you have a spouse who loves you, yes it's different, MasyaAllah. So love has a deep meaning , a lot of it today translates as lust, we don't know the difference because we want everything quick, urgent, now, i need it today, we are impatient.

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