I Believe It When I See It Philosophy in Islam

I Believe It When I See It Philosophy in Islam

I Believe It When I See It Philosophy in Islam by Nouman Ali Khan

You know what that means? There's a saying we have in America, I'll tell you the saying, They say "I'll believe it when I see it", that's what they said. If you don't have something to show me don't waste my time. I don't wanna hear this Quran stuff, I'll believe it when I see it.

I had a student like that in college, when I used to teach in college, I used to teach Arabic and most of my students were Non Muslims. And a a guy came up to me, he's a student and he says: Professor I like Islam, I like it, it's cool, but I just you know, I haven't seen anything. Can you take like a Jinn possession or something? If I could just see something you know I'd be good.

Let me tell you, you guys have traffic problems in Malaysia, yes? Does the news, the radio tells you about traffic problems? Yah? So you're driving on the highway and there's no traffic, zero traffic, I mean it's like amazing, and you're flooring the car and you don't see any car in front of you, you turn the radio on it says 2 kilometers ahead of you, 2 kilometers ahead of you there's an accident, there's really bad traffic, if you can take an exit, take the exit, that's what the radio tells you. Do you see the accidents? No, you don't see the accident, but do you take the exit? If you listen to the radio and it says there's an accident, there's a 5 hours delay, will you take the exit or no? Yah you'll take the exit.

I mean maybe in America you'll listen to the radio and say, I don't listen to the Kuffar (Non Believers), I'm gonna go into the traffic jam, but you know, you'll take the exit, you know why? Because news came to you from a reliable source, the reporter sees something that you don't see and you trust him, you don't say Aah these radio people, I will believe it when I see it and you will go and get stuck in traffic jam, Aah I believe now, there's really an accident, like what's the point now buddy?

Allah SWT created human beings, right? And human beings are able to think and understand things even if they haven't seen them. Animals are not like that. If for example, we made an announcement: Brothers and sisters, please leave this building from this exit, if we made that announcement, we would start leaving from this exit, but if there was a cat in the building, if there was a fly in the building, if there was a dog in the building, it wouldn't leave. Why not? It doesn't have the ability to understand speech. But if an animal sees a fire, will it leave? When it sees a danger, will it leave? An animal will only behave when it sees, but a human being can behave when he understands. when she understands, right?

Allah says that He taught The Quran and He didn't give you anything else to believe, The Quran is enough for you. You know, there are other small miracles here and there but the Main Message of Islam is The Quran Itself, The Miracle is The Quran Itself, why? Because human beings are human beings, they're not animal, we don't have to see to believe. We can think about it and we can believe, and that's why He says: He taught the Quran because He created the human beings, we people aren't animals. If we say I will only believe when I'll see it, we're acting like a goat, we're acting like a cow, we're acting like a monkey but we're not acting like human, human being can reason. The Quran is appealing to Reason, The Quran is appealing to Reason.

Surah Al Baqarah 2:71

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