Put Your Trust In Allah Alone Islamic Reminder

Put Your Trust In Allah Alone Islamic Reminder

Put Your Trust In Allah Alone by Ali Hammuda

Certain circumstances that a Muslim needs to place his trust in Allah more than others. A Muslim is to plug Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) in his endeavors to achieve everything pertaining to the good of Dunya (world) and Akhira (Hereafter). However, there are certain circumstances where a Muslim needs to have extra reliance upon Allah, as was mentioned by Al-Fairuzabadi and others, and he mentioned a few of them and I will quote seven.

The first circumstance where a Muslim needs to have extra Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) upon his Creator and insure that his reliance upon Allah is full, when you exit from your home. When you exit from your home, know very well that Allah is going to Assist you to fulfill your good endeavors. As Abi Dawud narrates in his Sunan of the authority of Anas, that the Prophet SAW said:

"When a man goes out of his house, he should say the following Dua' (Pray), Bismillah, I place my trust upon Allah and there is no power and strength except in Him", if a person says this, it will be said to him, "You shall be protected, you shall be defended and you shall be guided"

and Shaytaan (Devil) then moves away from him, and then Shaytaan (Devil) will say to another Shaytaan (Devil):

"How can we deal with a person who has been guided and defended and protected?"

So the first circumstance where Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) is emphasized more than any other time, is when you leave your home.

The second circumstance is the moment you struggle financially. When your are struggling with your wealth, with your business, with your income, Allah wants to see from you Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) more than any other time. As At-Tarmidhi narrated in his Sunan on the authority of Ibn Mas'ud, that the Messenger SAW said:

"Whoever is struck with poverty and then he seeks relief from people, relief will not come to him, but whoever is struck with poverty and he seeks relief from Allah, Tawakkul from Allah, relief will come to him sooner or later"

This is the second situation where a Muslim's Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) needs to be strong.

The third is when people turn away from you. You are a practicing individual Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah), upon the Sunnah you want to pray in the Masjid (Mosque) and call to the path of Islam, enjoin good and forbid evil, people rather than assisting you they start turning away from you, place your trust in Allah and continue, Allah says:

"If they turn away from you, say Allah is enough for me, none has the right to be worshiped except Him, I have placed my trust in Him, He is The Lord of The Great Throne".

The fourth of these scenarios or circumstances where your Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) needs to be spot on, is when you turn away from certain people, the enemies of Islam, you and I know that there are certain people who are bad influence upon you and upon me, you have to turn away from them even if you find it difficult, Allah says:

"Turn away from them, and place your trust in Allah"

Don't say it's too difficult, it's embarrassing, they're close, I've known them since we were kids, turn away from them and place your trust upon Allah The All-Mighty.

The fifth of these circumstances is when making peace with the enemies of Islam, Allah All-Mighty says:

"If they incline towards peace then you incline to it as well and place your trust upon Allah, you maybe unsure, maybe they will break the agreement, No!, place your trust in Allah All-Mighty"

The sixth of these scenarios when a person's trusts upon Allah All-Mighty needs to be great, is when you are calling to the path of Islam, when you are enjoining good and forbidding evil, your trust needs to be at its peak, Allah says that the Prophet Shu'Aib (AS) said to his people as he invited them to the path of Allah:

"I only want to make peace as much as I can and my help is only from Allah, I place my trust in Him and to Him I turn in repentance"

AllahuAkbar (God Is Great). When you are inviting to the path of Islam, Allah All-Mighty wants to see you putting your reliance and trust upon Him.

And the seventh of these circumstances is when life become difficult in general, is it your child giving you a hard time, is it your wealth, your prosperity, your father, your mother, your employee, your employer, your wife, your husband, is it your health that is giving you a hard time, in that situation Allah wants to see you relying upon Him more than any other time, why?, because Allah says:

"Say to people O Muhammad, O Messenger of Allah, we will not be struck by anything except by that which Allah has decreed for us, He is our Protector, and let those who believe rely upon Allah"

These are seven of the many situations where a Muslim is emphasized to rely upon his Creator, although the true Muslim however relies upon Allah All-Mighty in all of his endeavors, this is the true Muslim.

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