Engage In Good Deeds Ramadhan Reminder

Engage In Good Deeds Ramadhan Reminder

Engage In Good Deeds Ramadhan Reminder by Mufti Menk

I am brother of yours reminding myself and yourselves, lets turn to Allah. As I said, we have no guarantee we will see another month of Ramadhan. My brothers and sisters, some of us have children, some of us have family members, some of us are married, we have spouses, we have greater responsibilities, how have you been treating your spouse?, how have you been spending time with your children? Remember our duty as Muslimeen (Believers), is to hand over the torch of Imaan (Faith) to our next generation, so that when we die they will continue worshiping Allah SWT.

If we are still dilly-dallying in our own sins and we have not turned to Allah SWT, how do we expect our children and family members to turn to Allah SWT, when Allah says,

Surat At-Tharim 66:6

May Allah SWT Protect us from The Fire. And this is why, the Dua (Pray) of Muhammad SAW when he asked for goodness, he used to say,

Surat Al-Baqarah 2:201

We all want goodness, everyone wants to earn, we all want beautiful deals, we all want money, we all want wealth, we all want a good home and good conveyance, we all want good clothing, and a good scent and so on, the Dua (Pray) includes that

But that will be of no use if we were to die having forgotten, when I die I want goodness.

Surat Al-Baqarah 2:201

My brothers and sisters, the currency of the life after is not the dollar or the rand or the ringgit, no, the currency of the life after is known as the Deeds that you've engaged in. So convert your health whilst you are healthy into good deeds. Convert your money that you have in this world, whilst you have it, into good deeds. Convert the goodness that you have, your young age and your ability that you have, your free time that you have, convert it into deeds, so that you can amass the currency that will help you when you get to your grave my brothers and sisters.

This is the currency, and we have the month of Ramadhan where this currency is being dished out and it's being given wholesale to us.

Engage in one good deed

You have engaged in it whilst you were Fasting, you have engaged in it the Blessed Month of Ramadhan, whilst you are Fasting, the condition of Salah (Prayer) in the month of Ramadhan is such that the reward is multiplied. Allah SWT tells us through the blessed lips of Muhammad SAW

fasting for me

Which means the reward of Fasting is not only multiplied tenfold, but up to seventy fold going to seven hundred fold and beyond, because, Allah Loves us!

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