Don't Lose Yourself An Islamic Reminder

Don't Lose Yourself An Islamic Reminder

Don't Lose Yourself An Islamic Reminder by Sheikh Abu Ahmad

Muslims living in this day and age, we don't have trust in Allah SWT, and I'm guaranteeing you this. Our trust is not in Allah, our trust is in the Benjamin, in the dollar, in the government, especially us living in the west.

People living in Syria now have their trust in whom? In Allah. Because they're going through hardship, and they're feeling hardship. But us people living in cushy life, a nice life, an easy life, we won't have a clue what trust means.

Seriously here, out of the brothers, who's worried if they get fired? Honestly, aren't you going to eat tomorrow? Yes. Are you going to drink tomorrow? Yes. Aren't you going to pay you rent tomorrow? Yes. So your trust is not really dependent upon Allah SWT, but we have to start changing these things in our hearts, so that we may become more successful. You want to become more dependent upon Allah SWT, we truly want to connect, but the only time we feel it, is when a calamity hits us.

You find out your wife is doing something wrong, you find out your child is doing something wrong, Allah may hit you with a sickness, then the first thing we do "Oh Allah" "Oh Allah please I can't handle this". The Prophet SAW said, he said what about the companions, the companions were going through hell, and the Prophet SAW said to them what? There were people came before you, they believed in Allah, these people, they were sawn in half, they were sawn into two pieces, and their inside were raked out with metal combs, but this didn't put them off their Religion, this torture, these trials that they went through, didn't put them off, what? The Deen of Islam.

We just get tested a little bit, you find out, our beard is gone, the hijab comes off, you know, our clothes become tighter, the makeup for the sisters become more, and perfume, and all this, "I can't handle the Religion, it's too hard". Next thing you find out we stop our prayer, I'll pray when I get home, then after that what happens? You miss this one, you miss that one, to a point where we disbelieve in Allah SWT. And don't tell me you don't know someone who's in this situation, don't tell me that one of your family members are not in this situation.

We are losing ourselves, because we have too much. Anyone argue the point with me, we are losing ourselves because we have too much.

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