Allah's Light Compared To Ours

Allah Light Compared To Ours

Allah's Light Compared To Ours by Nouman Ali Khan

You and I try to find our way making our own light, but then Allah gives his light, Allah's light lamp is the sun for us, that's not the light we turn on, that's the one Allah turns on, that's the one we don't pay the electricity bills from the sun. You know there's no oil being used up to light up the sun for us, that's the one Allah turns on. And when He turns His Light on, then all all of our lights are unnecessary, all of them become unnecessary, isn't that true?

Okay, that's in the physical sense right? But I told you in this Ayah (Verse) Allah talks about something physical but wants to make you think about something, what? Spiritual, every person has their own way of finding guidance, every person has their own philosophy, every person has their own definition of right and wrong, their own conscience, and they could be slightly different from each other, everybody's got their own little light and then the Light of Revelation comes, and guess what? Your light is irrelevant now because The Perfect Light is here. You don't need to find guidance anymore it's been given to you, SubhanAllah.

Allah is The Light of the skies and the earth, how are you going to compare? How are you going to compare? Just like the lamp becomes irrelevant when the sun is out, my own pursuit, of what should be right and what should be wrong , if it's not in the line with the Light of Allah, The One He Sends from the sky, then it's an exercising futility. What's the point of it?

Another point about the light of the skies and the earth, cause a lot of scholars when they said: How do human being experience Allah's Light? They experienced it through the sun, through the moon. You know one of the interesting pieces of poetry I found is this guy was trying to butter up the king, you know a lot of poetry is about sucking up to kings. So he calls the king: You're the sun and all the other kings are just stars, now why did he say that? Because when the sun comes up who goes invisible? The stars. When you're out there I don't even see any kings, they're like the stars, and the only time I pay attention to them is when you're not there, otherwise you're the sun. That's the idea, SubhanaAllah, the stars themselves are brilliant sources of light but even they are useless to us, they are invisible to us once Allah's Light comes on in the day.

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