Adam and Satan Differences Between Them

Adam and Satan Differences Between Them by Nouman Ali Khan

Adam (AS), what did Allah tells the angels? I am going to send him, where? On the earth, but Adam (AS) did not begin his life on the earth, he begins his life in Jannah (Heaven). And then, he's living in Jannah (Heaven) and he's told you can have anything you want, the only thing you cannot have is what? One tree, one fruit from this tree, you don't have that, everywhere else you're free to go.

Now Iblis (Satan) comes to him from Suratul (Chapter) Ahraf  we learn, Iblis (Satan) comes to him and gives him 2 options, listen to these options, listen everybody got the email, you're supposed to go where? Earth, but where do you live right now? Jannah (Heaven). So you know what? The only people who get to stay here, who gets the proper visa here, there's only two kinds of people who can stay in Jannah (Heaven), either you have to be an angel, or, you have to be permanent residents here, khalidin, those are the only two people, who have visa that they can stay permanently in Jannah (Heaven), and you know what? The only way to get visa is to eat from the tree, that's why He (Allah) doesn't want you to eat from the tree, because if you eat from the tree what's gonna happen? Oh you will get permanent residents. You see, I'm telling you, the plan is to send you to the earth.

Now, Adam (AS) and our mother, they eat from the tree or no? They eat from the tree, and when they eat from the tree, what does Allah said? Get down from here, go where? To the earth. Now I told you a little bit about Iblis (Satan) and I told you a little bit about who? Adam. Lets compare the two of them, think about this clearly, cause we have to reach some conclusions. Adam (AS) was given a promotion, yes or no? Yes, he was given a promotion, even the angels have to do what? Sajda (Prostration), he's given a promotion. Was Iblis (Satan) ever given a promotion? Yes, he was given a promotion even above the ranks of the? Of the angels. So they both had a promotion. Adam (AS) was honored by Allah, Iblis (Satan) was also honored by Allah, Adam (AS) disobeyed Allah, yes or no?Yes. Iblis (Satan) disobeyed Allah, yes or no? Yes.

Iblis (Satan) has a logical complaint, yes or no? Remember the promotion in the vice president? Does Iblis (Satan) have a logical complaint? Yes. Adam (AS) can also have a logical complaint, what's Adam (AS) logical complaint possibly? "You (Allah) were always going to send me to the earth, This (Tree) is a trap, I ate from the tree or don't eat from the tree, You were always going to send me, You already knew I was going to eat from the tree, Allah already knows what I'm going to do, it's not my fault". You hear what I'm saying to you? "Allah already knows what I'm going to do, it's not my fault", the first human being that could've asked that question was the first human being, it was Adam (AS). So Iblis (Satan) can have a logical complaint and Adam (AS) can also have a logical complaint, the difference is, Iblis (Satan) makes the complaint, Iblis (Satan) complains, he makes the complaint but Adam (AS) does not complain, he says: No it's my fault, even it doesn't make sense to me, my logic is limited because I"m a human being, Allah knows way more than I do, Allah has way more wisdom than I do, I know I got greedy, I know my fault. You know what happens? When people want to blame Allah, they don't want to take responsibility, and Adam (AS) took personal responsibility, when people want to blame Allah, they will be like Iblis (Satan), and when people take personal responsibility they will be like who? Adam (AS).

Now, Adam (AS) was sent down, yes or no? Iblis (Satan) was sent down, yes or no?, he was sent down too. The difference, Adam (AS) was sent down on the earth not as a punishment, not as a humiliation, and I'll show you why because when Allah said to him, He says: When you follow my Guidance if it comes to you, if you follow my Guidance, you're not gonna have any problems (Sadness and Grieve) basically, Allah did not sent you on the earth as punishment, He wants you to enjoy a good life here, He puts things here so you can live a good life, earth is not a punishment.

Tell you one more thing, Allah says: We gave nobility, We gave respect to the Children of Adam. Did Allah give Iblis (Satan) respect? No. So Iblis (Satan) came down through disrespect, he is humiliated but Adam (AS) came down but he is still honored.

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