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Allah's Reason For Changing The Qiblah

Allah's Reason For Changing The Qiblah by Nouman Ali Khan
The prophet SAW used to prefer praying so that he would be facing Ka'bah, the House built by his father Ibrahim (AS), and then at the same time be facing Aqsa. This way he could face both Houses at the same time. When he moved to Madinah that was impossible, because if you are going to face Makkah, your back will be to Aqsa, if you are going to face Aqsa, your back will be to Makkah, you can't face both at the same time. He couldn't line them up together anymore cause now he is in between. He is in between both of those locations.

It really used to hurt his feelings. It used to hurt his feelings that he has to turn his back to the House built by his father Ibrahim (AS), and by the way, our father Ibrahim (AS). And it used to hurt his feelings that he's not showing the due respect to the House built by his father that he made so much Du'a (Pray) on.

He doesn't complain to Allah. He doesn't tell Allah…

When Allah Removes His Veil

When Allah Removes His Veil by Bilal Assad
My dear sisters and brothers in Islam, so now you're taken away by this beauty and all this, and you've forgotten about something which is the most important, and the most beautiful gift that the Believers are given, because everything is so beautiful, there's one Hadith that says:

"The last man who enters paradise, he sees a light coming down from above and he thinks it's Allah"
but it's actually his wife, really? That's how beautiful you are. And then someone calls out to come to a gathering place, you all gather and sit in different positions, some people first class, second class, in fact in the Hadith it says that you look at the people of higher superiority like the way you see stars here, because of their good actions, and everybody's sitting there and there's no obstacles in front of you, suddenly you hear Someone and He says to you:

"My servants (or my worshippers), are you pleased? And we …

Put Your Trust In Allah Alone Islamic Reminder

Put Your Trust In Allah Alone by Ali Hammuda
Certain circumstances that a Muslim needs to place his trust in Allah more than others. A Muslim is to plug Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) in his endeavors to achieve everything pertaining to the good of Dunya (world) and Akhira (Hereafter). However, there are certain circumstances where a Muslim needs to have extra reliance upon Allah, as was mentioned by Al-Fairuzabadi and others, and he mentioned a few of them and I will quote seven.

The first circumstance where a Muslim needs to have extra Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) upon his Creator and insure that his reliance upon Allah is full, when you exit from your home. When you exit from your home, know very well that Allah is going to Assist you to fulfill your good endeavors. As Abi Dawud narrates in his Sunan of the authority of Anas, that the Prophet SAW said:

"When a man goes out of his house, he should say the following Dua' (Pray), Bismillah, I place my trust upon Allah and there is no p…

Islam and Modern Developments

Islam and Modern Developments by Nouman Ali Khan
What I want to start with InshaAllah (God Willing) is Europe. A lot of you are familiar with the European history but I'll take bits and pieces of European history and give you the summarized version, just so we can carry our conversation forward.

In Europe of course for many many centuries the Church was in complete control, and when the Church was in complete control, the state mandated Christianity as the official doctrine, official religion. So if you believe in a version of Christianity other than the Church version then you're are basically officially must be killed. Of course any books, any literature that contradicts Christianity must be destroyed. So European if they were to develop literature in science for example the biblical belief was that the earth is at the center of the universe but of course with a little bit of development in science we know that it's not at the center of the universe, the universe is much b…

You Own Nothing Islamic Reminder

You Own Nothing Islamic Reminder by Feiz Mohammad
Do you think Allah needs your money on the way out, you think Allah cares whether you pray or you don't, there isn't a room for four fingers in all the heavens except there is an angel in prostration to Allah. Angels, from the moment they're created to the moment they stand before Allah, one continuous Sajdah (Prostration), they never did anything else, one continuous Sajdah (Prostration) for billions of years, yet when they stand before Allah, they say, 'O Allah forgive us, forgive us Ya Allah for we didn't give Rights, we didn't worshiped You the way You should be worshiped'. And, you and I think that Allah needs us.

People walking around with a big chip on their shoulder, with an attitude. My brothers Allah SWT doesn't need anyone, Allah doesn't need anyone. In the Hadith Qudsi, in the authentic Allah SWT, He says: "Ya E'badi, Oh My slaves, every single one of you is hungry except whom I fe…

Engage In Good Deeds Ramadhan Reminder

Engage In Good Deeds Ramadhan Reminder by Mufti Menk
I am brother of yours reminding myself and yourselves, lets turn to Allah. As I said, we have no guarantee we will see another month of Ramadhan. My brothers and sisters, some of us have children, some of us have family members, some of us are married, we have spouses, we have greater responsibilities, how have you been treating your spouse?, how have you been spending time with your children? Remember our duty as Muslimeen (Believers), is to hand over the torch of Imaan (Faith) to our next generation, so that when we die they will continue worshiping Allah SWT.

If we are still dilly-dallying in our own sins and we have not turned to Allah SWT, how do we expect our children and family members to turn to Allah SWT, when Allah says,

May Allah SWT Protect us from The Fire. And this is why, the Dua (Pray) of Muhammad SAW when he asked for goodness, he used to say,

We all want goodness, everyone wants to earn, we all want beautiful deals, we…

The Angels Of The Gatherings Amazing Hadith

The Angels Of The Gatherings Amazing Hadith by Mohammad Hoblos
So the Prophet SAW, he says, Allah SWT has angels, Allah has angels, these angels, their job is to circulate the earth and find gatherings where Allah is being remembered, like we are doing now. So there're angels, their job is to find these gatherings. And it is said, the Prophet of Allah says, that these angels, they find these gatherings, these gatherings they have Noor (Light), and these gatherings they shine, they shine to the people of the heavens like the stars shine for the people on the earth at night. That's what we're doing now, right now.

So these angels when they find these gatherings, they start calling to one another, imagine bro, imagine, come!, come!, we found what we were looking for! Sahih Hadith.

Then the Prophet SAW he says, then the angels they come, and they pack into the gathering, and they start sitting on top of one another until they reach the lowest heaven. He (SAW) even says and I'…

Save Yourself From The Hellfire Islamic Reminder

Save Yourself From The Hellfire Islamic Reminder by Mufti Menk
The Hereafter, when you meet with Allah, The Day of Qiyamah (Judgement Day), when we are going to be standing in front of Allah SWT, answering for our deeds, what we did in the past, in this life, so Allah says be conscience of Allah and just prepare for an answer, on the day you are going to be asked about every single thing, and one of the good ways of helping yourself to prepare for tomorrow is to seek forgiveness, did you know that? That's why I started off the session by saying "O Allah forgive me", and I was quite serious about it, it was not joking, you know there's no smile on my face when I said that, did you notice? Yes, it's a fact.O Allah really I'm a criminal, what I mean is I've done so many things that are wrong in my life, I don't mean major items like you know..., but I'm talking about so many minor things that add up to a major thing, you know the Hadith says, these mi…

Adam and Satan Differences Between Them

Adam and Satan Differences Between Them by Nouman Ali Khan
Adam (AS), what did Allah tells the angels? I am going to send him, where? On the earth, but Adam (AS) did not begin his life on the earth, he begins his life in Jannah (Heaven). And then, he's living in Jannah (Heaven) and he's told you can have anything you want, the only thing you cannot have is what? One tree, one fruit from this tree, you don't have that, everywhere else you're free to go.

Now Iblis (Satan) comes to him from Suratul (Chapter) Ahraf  we learn, Iblis (Satan) comes to him and gives him 2 options, listen to these options, listen everybody got the email, you're supposed to go where? Earth, but where do you live right now? Jannah (Heaven). So you know what? The only people who get to stay here, who gets the proper visa here, there's only two kinds of people who can stay in Jannah (Heaven), either you have to be an angel, or, you have to be permanent residents here, khalidin, those are the …

The Power Of Allah's Mercy

The Power Of Allah's Mercy by Abdul Nasir Jangda
So He says: Ya ibadih, O My slave Allah says, which of the slaves that the ones who have crossed all line and boundaries against themselves, the ones who have harmed themselves, the ones that have done severe harm to themselves, by living the life of sins, by living the life of hopelessness, by living a life of disobedience to Allah, by living a lifestyle that is harmful to them, not just spiritually maybe even socially and familiarly and physically, they're living a life that is very harmful to them. So Allah specifically referring to these people but something beautiful that the scholars point out, Allah still calls them My slaves. Allah is still saying: You're My slaves. We still have a relationship with Allah, so Allah is speaking to the worst of the worst, the most sinful people, the ones that are walking on very thin ice, Ya ibadih, O My slaves, the ones who have done severe harm to themselves, Allah gives them an instr…

Why You Should Never Lose Hope In Allah

Why You Should Never Lose Hope In Allah by Sheikh Ahmed Ali
Everyday is passing, Ibrahim (AS) is becoming weaker, Ibrahim (AS) is becoming weaker by the day. His wife now has passed the age in which women normally give birth, and you know logic and the intellect says, the future is getting bleaker and bleaker and bleaker for Sayyidina Ibrahim (AS), but you know Sayyidina Ibrahim (AS), didn't believe in logic and intellect, he believed in The One Allah. There was no such thing as despairing and losing hope in The Al-Mighty Allah. Why was there no such thing as losing hope here? Why? Because Ibrahim (AS) believe in that One Lord, Who Is The Lord of The Heaven and The Earth.

He introduces Himself in The Quran that He is The Lord of everything that exits out there, all the worlds, all the galaxies, all the planets, Ibrahim (AS) was praying to that very Allah, the one that makes the impossible possible, he was praying to that Al-Mighty Allah, wherever He desires and wills something, He s…

Spending Personal Time With Allah

Spending Personal Time With Allah by Nouman Ali Khan
In every single day, I don't ask you to recite a Juz (Chapter), I don't expect that much anymore, 1 page of Quran in Arabic, I don't care how badly you recite. If you are embarrassed of your recitation, go on your room by yourself, lock it up, but recite it out loud, not silently, out loud, and before you recite, if you don't know any Arabic, turn to Allah and say, Ya Allah I'm reciting Your Words only for You, and You're The Only One Who can make it easy for me, You're The Only One Who can make it easy for me to recite it, to memorize it, to understand it, to love it, to pray with it, You're The Only One Who can do that for me, and Ya Allah I'm doing this for You, You make it easy for me.

This will be your personal time with Allah SWT outside of Salah (Prayer), 10 minutes is all it takes, but you need to make that time in your life, and as your love for Quran grows, I won't have to convince you…

Don't Lose Yourself An Islamic Reminder

Don't Lose Yourself An Islamic Reminder by Sheikh Abu Ahmad
Muslims living in this day and age, we don't have trust in Allah SWT, and I'm guaranteeing you this. Our trust is not in Allah, our trust is in the Benjamin, in the dollar, in the government, especially us living in the west.

People living in Syria now have their trust in whom? In Allah. Because they're going through hardship, and they're feeling hardship. But us people living in cushy life, a nice life, an easy life, we won't have a clue what trust means.

Seriously here, out of the brothers, who's worried if they get fired? Honestly, aren't you going to eat tomorrow? Yes. Are you going to drink tomorrow? Yes. Aren't you going to pay you rent tomorrow? Yes. So your trust is not really dependent upon Allah SWT, but we have to start changing these things in our hearts, so that we may become more successful. You want to become more dependent upon Allah SWT, we truly want to connect, but the only …

I Believe It When I See It Philosophy in Islam

I Believe It When I See It Philosophy in Islam by Nouman Ali Khan
You know what that means? There's a saying we have in America, I'll tell you the saying, They say "I'll believe it when I see it", that's what they said. If you don't have something to show me don't waste my time. I don't wanna hear this Quran stuff, I'll believe it when I see it.

I had a student like that in college, when I used to teach in college, I used to teach Arabic and most of my students were Non Muslims. And a a guy came up to me, he's a student and he says: Professor I like Islam, I like it, it's cool, but I just you know, I haven't seen anything. Can you take like a Jinn possession or something? If I could just see something you know I'd be good.

Let me tell you, you guys have traffic problems in Malaysia, yes? Does the news, the radio tells you about traffic problems? Yah? So you're driving on the highway and there's no traffic, zero traffic, I …

Allah's Light Compared To Ours

Allah's Light Compared To Ours by Nouman Ali Khan
You and I try to find our way making our own light, but then Allah gives his light, Allah's light lamp is the sun for us, that's not the light we turn on, that's the one Allah turns on, that's the one we don't pay the electricity bills from the sun. You know there's no oil being used up to light up the sun for us, that's the one Allah turns on. And when He turns His Light on, then all all of our lights are unnecessary, all of them become unnecessary, isn't that true?

Okay, that's in the physical sense right? But I told you in this Ayah (Verse) Allah talks about something physical but wants to make you think about something, what? Spiritual, every person has their own way of finding guidance, every person has their own philosophy, every person has their own definition of right and wrong, their own conscience, and they could be slightly different from each other, everybody's got their own little …

Spending $100,000 On A Wedding What Is Wrong With Us?

Spending $100,000 On A Wedding What Is Wrong With Us? by Abdul Nasir Jangda
And one of the most unfortunate manifestation of this day is even like weddings and these occasions to celebrate, and how we celebrate these occasions, how we conduct this weddings, that people spent inordinate, ridiculous, disgusting amounts of money on a wedding, on a 4 hour party, and it gets so bad that it's not just somebody spends a lot of money but then it becomes a competition.

So you know, they had a wedding for 500 people at that hotel, so we gotta do it at the nicer hotel and we got to have 600 people, why?, cause they have 500 people, so we got to have 600 people, but we don't even know 600 people, what are we going to do?, we'll figure something out, we'll just make a public announcement just bring a lot of people but there's got to be more people then they had.

Right, so it's a constant competition, spending money and just always wanting to won up each other. You know, I had …

Why Do Man Desire For Women and Money From The Perspective Of Islam

Why Do Man Desire For Women and Money From The Perspective Of Islam by Nouman Ali Khan
Love of desires fulfilled out of women, number one thing that was made desirable for people. Nowadays you wanna buy a car, half naked women standing next to it in the ad, what does car have to do with women?, nothing, but they wanna sell it, sell it through women, use women as objects, right?

The first desire people have, multi multi multi billion dollars industry is pornography. Selling what? Desire of men for women, that's why it's selling, right? Prostitution, desire for women, all these crimes, comes from what?, one thing, that obsession man has for women, right?
Allah says: Later on in life, you will desire to have sons rather then daughters.Allah says people love having sons.
Allah says: Piled up heaps of wealth out of gold and silver.Meaning savings, assets, big savings accounts, right? Lots of assets to fall back on, right? And then a good ride.
Allah says: And branded horses.Now we do…