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How Should Muslims Celebrate New Year's Eve?

How Should Muslims Celebrate New Year's Eve? by Mohammad Hoblos
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah my brothers and sisters, we are a few days away from New Year's Eve. So one might ask what does New Year's Eve mean to a Muslim? In truth it actually means nothing. It has no weight whatsoever in Islam in any way shape or form. Our beloved prophet (SAW) he gave us our days of celebration, he gave us a 'Eid Al Fitr' which is the day after the blessed month of Ramadan, he gave us 'Eid Al Adha' which is just after Hajj and we also have every single Friday the day of the 'Jumaa', the day of the 'Khutba', this is also a 'Eid' celebration for the believer.

So my brothers and sisters, how do we deal with this New Year's Eve? In short, stay away from it. There is no celebration whatsoever. Do not go to places where this night is being celebrated. Stay away from gatherings that are displeasing to Allah (SWT), where there's mixing alcohol, anyth…

The Best Part About Ramadan

The Best Part About Ramadan
In this 'Hadith' we learned that Ramadan has three phases to it. The first is Allah's mercy, the second is Allah's forgiveness and the third is to be freed from the fire of hell. And so in this month, the month of mercy and the month of forgiveness and the month of being saved from the fire of hell, it is important for all of us to perfect our repentance to Allah because this is the month of repentance.

The Prophet (SAW) linked so many actions of this month to having our sins forgiven, to having our repentance accepted. Whoever fast the days of Ramadan with faith (Imaan) and expecting Allah rewards will have all of his sins forgiven. Whoever prays at night throughout the nights of Ramadan with faith (Imaan) expecting Allah's reward will have all of his sins forgiven. Whoever prays on 'Laylatul Qadr' with faith (Imaan) expecting Allah's reward will have all of his sins forgiven. Notice "All of the sins forgiven, all of the …

What's Special about Islam?

What's Special about Islam? by Saajid Lipham
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome all viewers to Episode one of Islam 101. This is going to be a series where I teach you about the religion of Islam based on my studies, having specialized in Islamic theology and propagation at the Islamic University of Medina. For those of you unfamiliar with the city of Medina, it is a city in Saudi Arabia and it is nearby Mecca and this city is where the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) established the first Islamic Society and this city as well as this particular university is very well known for its scholarship. So basically what I want to do is just to teach you about Orthodox Sunni Islam as it was taught to me here and also the fact that I'm an American, I embrace Islam about 10 years ago, I also want to teach it in a way that I feel will appeal to those in the West who may know nothing about Islam because that's the background that I come from, so I feel like I c…

Feminism, Sex Culture and Women in Islam

Feminism, Sex Culture and Women in Islam by Saajid Lipham
Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and hello to everybody watching this video. Today I want to talk about women in Islam, particularly I'd like to talk about the hijab, the fact that women cover themselves. And there's a specific message that Id like to send out to all the non-Muslims and then there's another specific message that I want to send to all the Muslims about this topic.

Now I'm really sick and tired of all these non-Muslims who want to sit there and act like Islam is so barbaric and backwards and primitive because women cover themselves, because there are certain rules in Islam to protect the household, to protect marriage, to protect chastity. People want to act like, oh you know men they should be able to control themselves, they should be able to go out in the society and see women not wearing any clothes and just be able to to deal with that and still love their wife and still take car…

Why Can’t Good People Who Don’t Accept Islam Make It To Heaven?

Why Can’t Good People Who Don’t Accept Islam Make It To Heaven? by Yusha Evans
This morning I'm just going to discuss one small issue, I want to share with you guys something that was discussed this weekend during the programs and this is the question that is asked by non-Muslims a lot. I get this question ask to me a lot, and it is also a question that I see answered inappropriately a lot as well or not answered correctly or not fully answered.

I've been asked many times about by non-Muslims or people who are not yet Muslim, I don't really like the term non-Muslim, it's a negation, I like to use the term that they're not yet Muslims because Allah (SWT) guide anyone at any time as He wills, I am asked by non-Muslims as well as Muslims and again I have seen this question asked and answered inappropriately, that if someone is a really good person, if they are a good person, you have a lot of people who are Christians who are good people, you have a lot of people who ar…

Jack's Life Advice Will Change Your Future

Jack's Life Advice Will Change Your Future by Jack on TheDeenShowTV
Where you from?

I'm from England.

What's your story?

There's got to be some kind of purpose of life. They teach you in school just to make the money, get the best job, but when you look out the window you see the stars, you know there's got to be more than just making money, having a good time and then die. When you look at the order, the animals, the heavens and the earth, I started to think about that sort of stuff, I've been to the 'Masajid', I've been to temples, I've been to churches, I look into different things and I came to the conclusion that there's no god but Allah, and we've got the the Quran makes arguments that if there were gods besides Allah then surely there would be disorder in heavens and the earth, one would try and overcome the other. If you've got two kings of one country, they're gonna fight and cause chaos, sort of fact that disorder it proves…

My Turning Point Was When I Found Out That Kaaba Built By Prophet Abraham

My Turning Point Was When I Found Out That Kaaba Built By Prophet Abraham by Alex
Assalamualaikum, I took my 'Shahada' in 2010, so I'm practically the newest kid on the block around here, and it's the best decision I've ever made in my life.

How did that happen?

I was reading the Bible around Thanksgiving of 2010, over the phone with a friend and read a couple of books of the Bible that I started asking questions and I started asking about different religions, and after that I asked about Islam, and I started doing more search about other religions. I cancelled most of them out, and I started researching about the history of the Quran, I googled it, and then I was intrigued that the Book was intact for 1,400 years, and one thing led to another, and kept on searching, but my turning point was when I found the history of the Kaaba.

I was raised Catholic and I went to Catholic school for eight years and I was never told that the Kaaba was built by Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham…

When You Disobey Allah

When You Disobey Allah
Somebody who knows the truth doesn't mean that, that person is a Muslim. It's a very deep point here. What is a Muslim then? Someone who submits to the truth, because the meaning of Islam is not knowledge, it is submission, that's what Islam means. To merely know the truth doesn't make you a Muslim. Satan knows the truth, Satan accepts everything, in his heart he knows it conceptually. Think about it, does Satan deny that Allah is God? No, in fact Satan affirms Allah is my God and Satan is saying in the Quran affirms that the prophets are prophets, Satan does not deny that Adam is a prophet, Satan does not deny that Allah sends prophets, he knows this, Satan does not deny that there's a day of judgment "Allow me to live until the day of judgment", in fact Satan even worships Allah occasionally because he makes prayer to Allah to allow him to live, if he didn't worship Allah he wouldn't make prayer to Allah, yet is Satan a bel…

A French Man Never Wanted To Be Muslim But Realizes He Has To Accept Islam

A French Man Never Wanted To Be Muslim But Realizes He Has To Accept Islam by Eddie From TheDeenShowTV
Eddie: Julian he's not Spanish he's actually from France, so you're your French not French-Canadian right?

Julian: No pure French

Eddie: Alhamdulillah

Eddie: Assalamu'alaikum guys, we're here in Spain, I'm with our brother here, tell us Julian you accepted Islam, and before we get into the meat and potatoes of your story just real quick, tell us, what had you thinking, what turned on the thinking to have you reflect on what's the purpose of life?

Julian: You know what made me realize about the purpose of life is, I was going to bed every night and thinking, what's about this life, you know I thought if I die tomorrow, something very bad might happen to me and I thought I can't keep keep living my life without a real purpose that's been given to me by God, and that's what it made me start to research in every type of religion and then I found tha…

Very Emotional Story Of A Chinese Sister Convert To Islam

Very Emotional Story Of A Chinese Sister Convert To Islam by Nouman Ali Khan
Question: Tell us some of the stories of how people came here close to Islam, became Muslim just listening to the Qur'an?

Nouman Ali Khan: I'll tell you a story from last night. So I taught Surat Taha last night, some lessons from Surat Taha, the beauty of the story of Musa (AS) (Moses) how Allah tells it, and at the end of it a young woman came up to me of I think Chinese origin, but a British raised young woman, and she came up to me and says,

"I've been thinking about Islam, I was really moved by these lessons from the Qur'an but I'm not sure if I want to become Muslim",

and I said,

"what's holding you back",

and she said,

"I'm not sure",

and I said,

"You have to give me a better answer than that",

and she's thought about it and she said,

"My parents, my friends, you know people around me, pressure, stress",

I said,

"those are all re…

Why Allah Takes Away Or Withholds

Why Allah Takes Away Or Withholds by Omar Suleiman
Why does Allah take things away from people that He loves, why does Allah take something away from you out of love for you and that's a really difficult concept to grasp with a really difficult question to grasp with. But to build up to that there's the narration from the Prophet (SAW) which is the most extensive in terms of how we understand or process hardship in which the Prophet (SAW) said,

"When Allah wants good for his servants then he hastens his hardships for him in this world and when Allah wants bad for his servants then He withholds the consequences of his bad or the consequences of his sins until he appears before Him on The Day of Judgment"
The prophets (SAW) continued and he says,

"The greater reward comes with the greater the trial"
So the greater the hardship is, the greater the potential of reward, because it's not assumed that you're going to be rewarded just because you are tested, s…

A Message From Iblis The Devil

A Message From Iblis The Devil by Nouman Ali Khan
That straight path of yours that you think they're (Believers) going to walk on, I'm gonna sit there waiting for ambush, "I swear, I will sit, I will sit I will sit", and 'Qa'dha' in Arabic is to sit for a long time, "Even if nobody shows up I'll sit there waiting and I'll stay awake waiting".

You know sometimes people say and they go to sleep, in 'Ku'ud' you can't sleep, in 'Julus' you can sleep, so right now this is 'Julus' for some of you. He's up and alert waiting to attack on the 'Siratal Mustaqeem' (Straight Path), what does that mean? That the moment you start going on this path (Straight Path), that's where he's going to attack. He will not get in your way on the way to the club, he'll say "Go, I got other clients now, this one's already sold, this sales have already been made, I need to come into the 'Masjid',…

How To Overcome All Problems Through Islam

How To Overcome All Problems Through Islam by Imran Hussein
Assalamu'alaikum brothers sisters, friends and everybody else, welcome to soul revolution. In this episode we're gonna be looking at a very powerful verse in the Qur'an in chapter 2 verse 286 the beginning of this verse, what God basically tells us that He does not burden a soul with more than it can bear or more than it can deal with. Now this verse when you reflect upon and you understand this, you realize a few things.

Number one it gives you this peace of mind knowing that throughout this entire life you're not going to face a situation that you cannot deal with. Anything that happens to you, you will be able to deal with it because that trials, that tests, will be specifically designed for you knowing your character, knowing who you are, your personality, and that you are capable of dealing with it. So it gives you that peace of mind.

Secondly if you are going through something right now and that's the n…

Dua For A Good Ending In Life

'Dua' (Prayer) For A Good Ending In Life by Omar Suleiman
You might have noticed that there is a trend of asking Allah for a good ending and because the Prophet (SAW) himself taught us to always ask Allah for a good ending, that we should have a good ending because that you have your high points and your low points, and you don't want Allah to send the angel of death to you while you're at a low point.

So there are many ways to ask Allah for a good ending, but if you've been around dying righteous people, you'd notice that in the last day of their lives that it's almost as if they were informed and they had a feeling that they were going to die, and that's something that you feel and it's not something that can be explained. It's not that there's any sort of explicit communication to people but there's a feeling, and and that's something that was narrated on behalf of many of the 'Salifs', many of the pious predecessors.

This pa…

The Day of Zina Haram Activity (Valentine's Day)

The Day of Zina Haram Activity (Valentine's Day) by Abdul Hakim Quick
What is also interesting for us to remember, is that after January, in February, that somewhere around the middle of February there was a celebration that was known by the ancient Romans as the Lupercalia, and the Lupercalia was a ceremonial, Luper means wolf and they depicted a wolf chasing a little girl, and so they had a ceremony, I'm not making this up by the way, if you want to, you can look this up, if you don't believe me go to the encyclopedia right after we're finished, a children's encyclopedia, look up Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas and Halloween, and you'll find everything I'm talking about, you want to go deeper into it go on the Internet, look up the pagan roots of all of these holidays.

And so the Lupercalia was the celebration of the wolf, and the authorities there would gather together young people, and they would put their names into a box, men and women, and they …