Islam Explained in 2 Minutes

Islam Explained in 2 Minutes by Saajid Lipham
There's One, Eternal, All-Knowing, All-Powerful Creator that brought all of creations we know it into existence, we refer to this Creator as Allah, and Allah has all of the Greatest Names and Attributes The true reality of Allah is beyond human comprehension because He is completely perfect and absolutely unique in all of His Attributes.

Allah created the human being to worship Him and Him alone as there is nothing worthy of worship except Him. He is the Originator, the Creator and the Sustainer of all that exists, so to worship other than Him is the worst of all actions. The first human Allah created was Adam, and from Adam, Allah created his wife, and from them both He created many men and women that have filled the earth to this day, but Allah did not leave the human being without guidance rather throughout time He's communicated with us through special people we know as prophets and messengers. Allah would assist them with miracl…

Muslims Do Not Celebrate Valentine

Muslims Do Not Celebrate Valentine by Mohamed Hoblos
My brothers and sisters, with Valentine's Day being around the corner and I find it interesting to see the extent that people go through in search of love. Flowers, chocolates, love, hearts, movies, songs, poems, whatever you want, and it's natural, it's very normal for every single person to want to be in love and to want to be in a relationship. Allah (SWT) put that in our hearts but the question here is "How do I search for this and where do I go"?

In specifically, I'm speaking to my single brothers and sisters. Where do you find true love my brothers? You have two options, 'Halal' and 'Haram'. 'Haram', is dating, going to the movies, hooking up at the train station, cafe, texting until late hours of the night. This stuff you think it's going to lead you to true happiness and love, but my brothers and sisters, taking this path, will only end in destruction, it will only end in t…

Don't Let Shaytan Prevent Your Good Deeds

Don't Let Shaytan Prevent Your Good Deeds by Saajid Lipham
Brothers and sisters sometimes when we want to perform a good deed we stop ourselves and we convince ourselves not to do it. Maybe we're gonna do something good for the sake of Allah but then we say "No you know what, I'm doing this to show off, I'm not gonna do it", and we convinced ourselves to refrain from doing something that would benefit ourselves, will benefit our community and will be pleasing to Allah.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Well it is extremely important to understand that our intentions are the foundation of everything we do and we need to make sure that we are doing things purely to please Allah, but also it's very important that we know the following, in Sheikh Al-Uthaymeen's explanation of 'Sharh Riyadh Al-Saliheen' (Bab Al-Ikhlaas), he talks about intention and he says, to paraphrase, that when you want to perform a good deed know that 'Shaytan' is goi…

Earn Allah's Love by Visiting Someone for His Sake

Earn Allah's Love by Visiting Someone for His Sake by Saajid Lipham
There is a 'Hadith' in which the Prophet (SAW) said,

Allah the Exalted, said, "My love is due to those who:
love one another for My sake, sit with one another for My sake,
visit one another for My sake, and spend in charity for my sake."
[Graded as Authentic by Sheikh Al-Albani in "Saheeh Al-Targheeb"]
When I reflected and think about how Islam encourages such things, it helps me realize how beautiful Islam is and how beautiful the actions that it encourages really are. And to give an example I want to share a quote with you. There was a father and he was talking about children, when they leave the house and go to college and the quote that he said was "It's the best day of their life and it's the worst day of yours".

Think about that, I mean parents they spend maybe 20 years of their lives dedicated to loving, nurturing, supporting their children and then the day comes where…

What Is Innovation | Bid’ah In Islam?

What Is Innovation | Bid’ah In Islam? by Yusha Evans
Quick discussion this morning about a topic that gets misunderstood a lot of times or can be a major cause for someone to have the displeasure of Allah (SWT). The question is, what is 'Bid'ah' or innovation, what is innovation in the Religion of Allah (SWT), and I'm gonna try to make this as easy as it can be to understand, I'm gonna try to make it simple as possible. Innovation in the Religion of Allah (SWT) is this, anything that you believe, anything that you do that you think will bring the pleasure of Allah (SWT) or anything that you believe will bring you closer to Allah (SWT), that you believe to be part and parcel to the Religion that was not practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that was not permitted to be practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that we do not see in his 'Sunnah' nor do we see practiced by the companions of the Prophet (SAW), for you to do these things to think that they are …

Message to Mark Dice On Hijab By Saajid Lipham

Message to Mark Dice On Hijab By Saajid Lipham
I want to make this video for Mark Dice and all of Mark Dice's fans. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he is a YouTuber, he has well over a million subscribers, he's also an author, but the reason I wanted to address him in this video is because he is also a self-proclaimed Christian to the point where even in some of his books he will literally preach Christianity.

This being the case I just find it very odd that he'll also put out videos criticizing the Hijab, making fun of the Hijab, and considering he's a Christian this means when it comes to Mary the mother of Jesus, he either thinks one of three things about her, number one that she is the mother of God, number two that she is the mother of the son of God, or three that she is the mother of both God and the son of God because God and the son of God are one in the same.

Anyways, however, whichever one of these three things he believes, I don't think that Jesus wo…

How Should Muslims Celebrate New Year's Eve?

How Should Muslims Celebrate New Year's Eve? by Mohammad Hoblos
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah my brothers and sisters, we are a few days away from New Year's Eve. So one might ask what does New Year's Eve mean to a Muslim? In truth it actually means nothing. It has no weight whatsoever in Islam in any way shape or form. Our beloved prophet (SAW) he gave us our days of celebration, he gave us a 'Eid Al Fitr' which is the day after the blessed month of Ramadan, he gave us 'Eid Al Adha' which is just after Hajj and we also have every single Friday the day of the 'Jumaa', the day of the 'Khutba', this is also a 'Eid' celebration for the believer.

So my brothers and sisters, how do we deal with this New Year's Eve? In short, stay away from it. There is no celebration whatsoever. Do not go to places where this night is being celebrated. Stay away from gatherings that are displeasing to Allah (SWT), where there's mixing alcohol, anyth…