How To Overcome All Problems Through Islam

How To Overcome All Problems Through Islam by Imran Hussein
Assalamu'alaikum brothers sisters, friends and everybody else, welcome to soul revolution. In this episode we're gonna be looking at a very powerful verse in the Qur'an in chapter 2 verse 286 the beginning of this verse, what God basically tells us that He does not burden a soul with more than it can bear or more than it can deal with. Now this verse when you reflect upon and you understand this, you realize a few things.

Number one it gives you this peace of mind knowing that throughout this entire life you're not going to face a situation that you cannot deal with. Anything that happens to you, you will be able to deal with it because that trials, that tests, will be specifically designed for you knowing your character, knowing who you are, your personality, and that you are capable of dealing with it. So it gives you that peace of mind.

Secondly if you are going through something right now and that's the n…

Dua For A Good Ending In Life

'Dua' (Prayer) For A Good Ending In Life by Omar Suleiman
You might have noticed that there is a trend of asking Allah for a good ending and because the Prophet (SAW) himself taught us to always ask Allah for a good ending, that we should have a good ending because that you have your high points and your low points, and you don't want Allah to send the angel of death to you while you're at a low point.

So there are many ways to ask Allah for a good ending, but if you've been around dying righteous people, you'd notice that in the last day of their lives that it's almost as if they were informed and they had a feeling that they were going to die, and that's something that you feel and it's not something that can be explained. It's not that there's any sort of explicit communication to people but there's a feeling, and and that's something that was narrated on behalf of many of the 'Salifs', many of the pious predecessors.

This pa…

The Day of Zina Haram Activity (Valentine's Day)

The Day of Zina Haram Activity (Valentine's Day) by Abdul Hakim Quick
What is also interesting for us to remember, is that after January, in February, that somewhere around the middle of February there was a celebration that was known by the ancient Romans as the Lupercalia, and the Lupercalia was a ceremonial, Luper means wolf and they depicted a wolf chasing a little girl, and so they had a ceremony, I'm not making this up by the way, if you want to, you can look this up, if you don't believe me go to the encyclopedia right after we're finished, a children's encyclopedia, look up Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas and Halloween, and you'll find everything I'm talking about, you want to go deeper into it go on the Internet, look up the pagan roots of all of these holidays.

And so the Lupercalia was the celebration of the wolf, and the authorities there would gather together young people, and they would put their names into a box, men and women, and they …

The Scariest Part About Judgement Day In Islam

The Scariest Part About Judgement Day In Islam by Nouman Ali Khan
Today I'm going to share to you three Ayat (Verse), and the point of these three Ayat (Verse) is to illustrate how in a very subtle way Allah is telling us the scariest part of Judgment Day. Generally the expression
"Until they come to it"that's the expression, now "it" is hell fire in front of them, they arrive at heaven in front of them, they arrive at judgement in front of them, in three of the cases that I'm describing to you, all three of them, this is actually hell fire being described, they approach at the very edge of hell fire. Until the very moment they approach it, they arrive at it, their hearing, their eyes and their skin will start testifying against them about what they used to do, That's one Ayat (Verse).

Another Ayat (Verse)
"Until he comes to Us"meaning not to hell fire but he approaches Allah, he comes before Allah, and he says
"Oh, if only there was huge …

The Only Man That Died In The Heavens - Islamic Knowledge

The Only Man That Died In The Heavens - Islamic Knowledge by Omar Suleiman
Idrees (AS), who is Enoch, the son of Sheeth (AS), the grandson of Adam (AS), and Idrees (AS) what you can take from the narrations about him is that he's a man with high ambitions, he's very prone to calling people to good and forbidding evil, the first one to write with a pen, and so on and so forth, a person who loves Dawah (Calling to The One True God).

There's a very famous narration about Idrees (AS), that Idrees (AS) wanted to know how much time he has left. Why did he want to know how much time he has left? Because for people, for most people it's that you want to party it up until the last day, like if you know the date of your death, well okay, you know I'm gonna party it up and then on that day, Tawbah (Repentance), right?, just have it on your calendar, repent then die, right?, it doesn't work that way, right? Is that why Idrees (AS) wanted to know the date of his death? No. Id…

Adam Asks Allah A Very Wise Question

Adam Asks Allah A Very Wise Question by Yusha Evans
There was a very beautiful conversation that reminds me of this Verse (Qur'an 7:23) and I'll be brief, that took place between Adam (AS) and Allah (SWT), and Ibn Kathir records this in his tafsir of these Verses. He says that when Adam (AS) was being taken away from this Garden (Heaven), he asked Allah (SWT) a few questions. Number one he said my Lord did you not create me with Your own two hands? And Allah said yes. He (Adam) said did You not breathe into me The Breath of Life and cause me to live? And Allah said yes. Did You not when I sneezed, say Yarhamuk Allah (May Allah have Mercy on you), yes I did say that. Then Adam asked a very wise question to Allah that explains us, when You Created me and You Placed me in that Garden, and You tell me not to eat from that Tree, didn't You already know I was going to eat from it?

You see Adam understood that Allah knew before creating anything, that He was going to create Adam, H…

Fear Nothing But Allah

Fear Nothing But Allah by Omar Suleiman
Fear, fear is a very interesting emotion, it can motivate or it can paralyze, it could be productive or it can be destructive, depending on who you fear, why you fear and what your fear. That fear is either praised in the Qur'an or it is looked down upon, when it becomes paralyzing and destructive and leads you to nowhere but despair. And unless you have that hope to balance you out, there's no way that, that fear could possibly be productive because the default of fear is that it is a paralyzing emotion. It needs hope in order for it to be productive.

I want you to picture this scene in Madinah, and this Hadith sends shivers down my spine because I always think about it, when I think about the quality of fearlessness that we take from the Prophet (SAW). Anas Ibn Malik (RA) as he usually did when he would reflect on the life of the Prophet (SAW) described a beautiful quality of the Prophet (SAW) and then a manifestation of that beautiful q…